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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
  • The NBA 2K League Tip Off Tournament is now complete. Here are some changes I think NEEEED to be made for the 2K LEAGUE TO SUCCEED.

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  • promblemchildent


     10 months ago

    I agree

  • b mill

    b mill

     11 months ago

    2k17 road to finals tournament was 🔥 they definitely should get back to more of that style of gameplay if they want the most views as possible... the fact they can’t edit they’re layup/dunk package, and dribble moves is ...... tough... to say the least. That’s not 2k as we know it. Period

  • Tnk4me


     a years ago +1

    2k Should just make a completely new game for the league so they don't have to remake the game every year and can just keep balancing it at a reasonable time. They should also make the my player the max possible stats that a player can have on the court. Players should then have to accumulate exp to max out theirs stats and buy their badges and animations in game while their on the bench so that they can have more than five players on the team and subs would actually make sense beyond just trying to find a mismatch. There should then be a limit on how many badges you have while in the game based on the level your character starts going into the game. My players should also be given the option to decrease unimportant stats for an exp boost before the start of the games if they know that their archetypes can dominate in the early game but suck in the late game and vice versa. HOF badges should come with guaranteed animations that have a cool downs so that HOF badges would really scale well in the lat game and OT. Yep 2k league should be a Free to play freenium game and NBA 2k can Just keep doing what its doing just like how fortnight and fornight battle royale are different games.

  • Cousins Empire

    Cousins Empire

     a years ago

    5:05 hahahahahahahaa

  • Rona Season

    Rona Season

     a years ago

    The mf Paul George glitch 😤

  • The doopy Roopy

    The doopy Roopy

     a years ago +1

    Decrease slashers being able to shoot 3s

  • Alfred Hendrix

    Alfred Hendrix

     a years ago

    Why the fuck would they not let you use your own player that you worked on all year?

  • Drk Knght

    Drk Knght

     a years ago

    I think the commentating is really good I like it but I think it's kind of bland like watching high school basketball at times.

  • Old Young

    Old Young

     a years ago

    Damn video games are serious now.

  • Vitali Sierend

    Vitali Sierend

     a years ago +1

    If they would alow to custemize the moves, they would expose themself cuz this game is full of cheese ! The game like it is is not esport ready

  • The Entrep242

    The Entrep242

     a years ago

    To be honest most of the players they drafted is trash. Half of them are just gamers. Not even real ballers. So not Ball IQ at all smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Break Harpe

    Break Harpe

     a years ago +1

    So all the same players have the exact same moves? If so that's trash...That takes all the realness and uniqueness out of the game and the players...What seperated 2k from live at 1 point is I think 2k6or7 on 360 & Ps3 which is when each player had their own signature shot & moves, so them taking away the players ability to have their own signature move set sucks #Make2kGreatAgain 🏀🎮

  • Jorge RUIZ

    Jorge RUIZ

     a years ago

    Haven’t watched one game shit just looks dumb

  • L3t Me

    L3t Me

     a years ago

    I think 2k league is fine, it just better marketing. Can compete with the. NBA playoff running the same exact days. This summer it will take off. I think bronze badges should be allowed

  • Akash Boparai

    Akash Boparai

     a years ago

    OMG Dont you think its kinda odd that we have to watch your face for 11 straight mins. PLus its soo closer to your cam

  • ButterCookies 22

    ButterCookies 22

     a years ago

    Ranked and unranked games like overwatch and Siege just feel better then 2k at the moment

  • Finnessin Stacks

    Finnessin Stacks

     a years ago

    Y do u have a dollar on ur wall

  • Willie Dynomite

    Willie Dynomite

     a years ago

    How they just exclude all of the other people that play 2k from the League that's why they're failing s*** I paid good money and you telling me I can't get in

  • Willie Dynomite

    Willie Dynomite

     a years ago +1

    2k ain't shit but neither is live so we're all getting fucked over

  • AJae Soriano

    AJae Soriano

     a years ago

    Go ahead and shine agent ; drop that collegiate knowledge on they asses