Astros' Gerrit Cole gets out of 2nd Inning jam with NASTY pitches in World Series Game 5

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 27, 2019
  • Gerrit Cole got out of an early jam with a huge strikeout and a double play during the 2nd inning of World Series Game 5!

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  • Juan Carlos Gallegos

    Juan Carlos Gallegos

     a months ago

    Los astros se vendieron nos traicionaron a todos los de Houston Texas.

  • oldtimedrumcorps


     a months ago

    Bad calls both sides . I'll agree, but crucial timed bad calls will be much more damaging to the Nationals as they dont have the pitching depth.

  • Noob Master

    Noob Master

     a months ago

    So many bad calls in this video alone.

  • Saitama


     a months ago

    Where is juliep

  • Robert Harvey

    Robert Harvey

     a months ago +1

    new York city manager

  • Robert Harvey

    Robert Harvey

     a months ago +1

    new York Yankees

  • Grand Wonder

    Grand Wonder

     a months ago

    Go Stros! Beat the Nationals!

  • HIRO/ヒロ


     a months ago


  • Carlos faña

    Carlos faña

     a months ago

    Gerrit Cole 250 millones 🔥🔥

  • David Rosales

    David Rosales

     a months ago +1

    STROS!! 😎👍

  • Bobby Smith

    Bobby Smith

     a months ago +1

    He literally had a ball called for a strike in every one of those at bats. Changes everything. Now I wouldn’t be complaining that hard about it if Ross got the same call. Ross hit the same spot and should of gotten out of the second inning still 0-0

  • Leroy Rodriquez

    Leroy Rodriquez

     a months ago

    Go stros!!!

  • You Andme

    You Andme

     a months ago +1

    Congrats Astros on winning 2019 WS !!! Our bats have gone cold and ill-discipline combined with unfortunate series of events dwindling our chances to practically zero. Gerit Cole is a beast and i would have love to see Max going against him again but it wasn't meant to be.
    And here is an idea for the commissioner : please please please switch to computer calling balls and strike already. All the ump has to do is look at the timer they already have on their wrist and read whether the pitch is a ball or strike. We can still have umpires perform what they do now, it just won't be about calling strikes or balls. Because 99.9% of the time the players are correct whenever they argue with the ump about whether a pitch was a strike or not. The technology is there and fans have a better picture with the strike zone being presented on our TV screens. It's time to eliminate the influence umps have on deciding the outcome. The technology is part of the game now and we should fully embrace it instead of persisting with this charade on strike zone that changes each inning depending on what mood the ump is in. He wasn't the reason the Nats lost tonight but, that umpire was awful tonight. He allowed us no room to at least attempt a comeback.

  • FOnewmike


     a months ago

    Jews have ruined baseball

  • ウエムラユーセン


     a months ago


  • Simple Human

    Simple Human

     a months ago +2

    My goodness. BRAVO, MR. COLE!!!!!!!!

  • OldAstronomer


     a months ago +14

    "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion" - Rudy Tomjanovich, 1995

  • Long Dang

    Long Dang

     a months ago

    The Astros really surprised me by how good they are. Not only with great hitting, but also timely pitching.

  • Yvonne S

    Yvonne S

     a months ago +10

    A Cole front came through Washington tonight!! Go Astros!! #TakeItBack⚾️

  • Shelly Lunde

    Shelly Lunde

     a months ago +8

    The only part of this that is better than the Astros winning, was hearing the Orange OompaLoompa of a President get Booed 🥰🥰🥰 I LOVE IT!

    #TakeItBack ASTROS!!!!!!!

    P.S. Could someone just mute Joe Bucks mic already?