The No BS Guide to Choosing a Class for PvP - Classic WoW

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 22, 2019
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    Here's my no bull**** guide to choosing a class for PvP in Classic WoW. This information is based on modern meta and the way the game is played in 2019. Good races and 1 optimal spec are shown on the screen for each class. The most debatable race choices are: Nelf vs Dwarf Hunter, Orc vs Undead Rogue, and Orc vs Undead Warlock. I believe Orc is superior in most situations but I showed Undead because its more visually aesthetic (and definitely viable). Also please note that many classes have multiple viable specs, I just show what I feel are the best options for all-around PvP.

    Links to talent trees shown:
    Warrior (standard MS):
    Rogue (CB/Hemo):
    Hunter (standard MM/Surv):
    Mage (deep Frost):
    Warlock (Conflag):
    Druid (Standard FC):
    Priest (PI Holy):
    Paladin (Holy):
    Shaman (Eleresto):

    Music by Bensound:

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  • Chike Chovis

    Chike Chovis


    This is my 4th time watching ....... I’ll be back🤦‍♂️

  • JVB



    Lol bullshit video for the most part. Don’t base your class choice on this video, that would be stupid.

    For instance: Paladin. Ret is absolutely great for PvP. He acts like bubble, LoH and sacrifice are holy paladin only and that a ret paladin does not have this. He says that a ret paladin is easily countered by other classes, not taking the OP paladin skills in consideration. So first he says that paladins have CD’s that can easily change any fight when played defensively, and then says that ret pala is easily countered. Its just not very accurate and I’d say his videos are clickbait.

    I nearly wreck everything on my ret pala in PvP, even multiple enemies at the same time because of LoH and bubble/heal. Ret pala isn’t just viable in PvP, it’s optimal. Given a pocket healer, a ret pal can go on endlessly supporting the healer and the group with insane damage (SoC procs) and supporting the group in say, WSG.

    The only thing I agree with is that consumables make Pala a lot better. But this is true for every class.

    Edit: he finally says that it is harder for Shaman to make a game changing play. What makes shaman unique? Totems, chain heal, and WF totem in particular. Being game changing as a shaman is dropping a WF totem (equals insane burst for melee) and doing chain heals.

    What is a pala game changing play? Getting insane SoC proc on healers so they die (which is game changing) and protecting friendly healers by supporting them using stuff like BoP, freedom, LoH, etc.

  • Διονύσης Μπάστας

    Διονύσης Μπάστας

     2 days ago

    Good video, thanks

  • dlj3cs2


     3 days ago

    Play Enhancement you cowards.

  • Neil Hamersly

    Neil Hamersly

     4 days ago

    why are all the letters in Chinese but they guy is talking in English?

  • Brandon Robison

    Brandon Robison

     5 days ago +1

    I loved rogues when I played, and I knew my job. Be a mosquito to the enemy team. For the horde

  • Magnus Torgersen

    Magnus Torgersen

     6 days ago

    hey mann i was wondering even thou i havent even wacht yet 00:05 um i thougth you could go pvp in lv 10 in classic wow but i guess i was wrong. so what lv can you go pvp. and dungeon i thougth is in lv 15??

  • Mark Curtis

    Mark Curtis

     7 days ago

    Rock, Paper, Scissors? Crunchy, Chewy, Squishy!

  • Hobby Technology

    Hobby Technology

     7 days ago +1

    I can't decide between priest or shaman. Which class has more variety to the gameplay / trickiness?

  • P W

    P W

     7 days ago +1

    This man said he was gonna make a video describing each class's role in PvP, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and I'll be damn if he didn't do just that. Perfection pal, thank you. 10/10

  • Angryferbie


     7 days ago

    6/10 video

  • Martin Diaz

    Martin Diaz

     14 days ago

    So the feral druid is shit ? :(

  • Iron Disciple

    Iron Disciple

     14 days ago

    This is a video ninja should of looked at before deciding on a druid because it turns into a bear.

  • Iron Disciple

    Iron Disciple

     14 days ago

    Does anyone know if in vanilla you can have two primary professions like blacksmith and engineering. And i can lvl an alt to farm my shit lol.

  • Iron Disciple

    Iron Disciple

     14 days ago

    Hahaha ret paladin the face keyboard smasher class. I miss on demand Word of glory + divine purpose combo. Ill probably play classic for the old talent system and the perks from the professions like grinding stones and engineering.

  • Rumble Shakes

    Rumble Shakes

     14 days ago +2

    Druids best paired with Rogue or another Druid for double stealth. Strong against anyone who slows and stacking on Hunters with their minimum range, but watch out for Scare Beast. Weak against casters. Able to escape very well.
    Paladins best paired with melee. Strong against anyone dealing physical damage. Weak against casters and players with an offensive dispel.
    Priests best paired with a caster. Strong against casters and other healers. Weak against physical damage dealers and curses or poisons.
    Shamans best paired with melee. Strong against casters and other healers. Weak against melee and curses. Able to kite very well.

  • Newbie Yamaha

    Newbie Yamaha

     14 days ago

    So in other words... Ele sucks... as usual -.-

  • Constantine


     14 days ago

    and the professions should always has to be eng/mining?

  • Ale De Jesus

    Ale De Jesus

     14 days ago

    im a ret paladin R I P

  • Banditoz 79

    Banditoz 79

     14 days ago

    Dude you never played a Warrior solo and whit Engeneering