[Spoiler] Arrival to Zandalar - Horde

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 16, 2018
  • Having escaped from the Stormwind Stockade, Princess Talanji and her new Horde companions must outrun the Alliance ships closely in pursuit if they want to arrive safely in Zandalar. She just needs a little help from the loa Rezan.http://WorldofWarcraft.comSubscribe!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c...
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Gc3045fMI9w


  • Datafiend


     a years ago +350

    Zandalar is easily some of the best content that Blizzard has ever produced.

  • itzKal


     a years ago +137

    Okoye "We are home" :) These cut scenes are awesome.

  • Aera Steele

    Aera Steele

     a years ago +164


  • Nerd Stomper

    Nerd Stomper

     a years ago +61

    I mean i witnessed everything in wow since i was a kid but man,armored spirit t-rex,walking on water giving a warship speed boost with headbutt.

  • Shiirow


     a years ago +291

    I find the misdirect funny, trying to make you think its the alliance that is the enemy that is close but really its someone much closer.

  • EAKendalP


     a years ago +39

    "For your consideration, the Jericho"

  • Harcok


     a years ago +65

    She was like Tony Stark in Iron man.

  • Uoip10


     a years ago +25

    I loved this cutscene. And i loved Rezan ;(

  • Nyan Ninja 117

    Nyan Ninja 117

     a years ago +94

    Anyone else dying for the zandalari trolls

  • Blast Tyrant

    Blast Tyrant

     a years ago +37

    Princess Talanji is my new WoW Waifu. Sorry, Chromie.

  • Ash Kan

    Ash Kan

     a years ago +19

    Thats how you slaughter allys

  • Horner


     a years ago +39

    The Loa are so cool

  • James Mallon

    James Mallon

     a years ago +25

    My favourite moment is actually when she walks out and appears from her cover with that complete confidence and the music is so fitting and powerful! Seeing this in-game I was knew she was going to do something big... but I didn't expect that big! That one alliance ship that survived must be thinking 'can we turn around and go home please?'

  • Heroes Orchestra

    Heroes Orchestra

     a years ago +97

    where is zappy boi ????

  • Morgaith


     a years ago +214

    Where's warbringers Azshara?

  • Duryism


     a years ago +12

    Hmm, Zul's comparison of Sylvanas to Talanji is quite thought provoking. I missed that the first time I saw this in game.

  • Jonathan Sagdahl

    Jonathan Sagdahl

     1 months ago +2

    Zandalar arrival: Wassup horde how ya doin come on in!
    Kul tiras arrival: JAINA’S GONNA HANG

  • cruZak


     a years ago +11

    For your consideration... The Jericho...

  • Luana Dürrewald da Costa

    Luana Dürrewald da Costa

     11 months ago +5

    I just want everyone to take a moment to appreciate how badass Talanji looks here =)

  • Blizzard Gallente

    Blizzard Gallente

     a years ago +20

    Man those guys got rekt, Zandalari OP