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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
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  • Sophia Reck

    Sophia Reck

     7 months ago +1688

    She just casually sits naked meditated in her house

  • Afo O'Lowofela

    Afo O'Lowofela

     7 months ago +2353

    Is ethma real ???? Oh and who's watching in 2019

  • Trinity Harper

    Trinity Harper

     4 months ago +437

    no one:
    commenters: wHOs wATChinG iN 2019??¿¿

  • Anna Carey

    Anna Carey

     4 months ago +456

    I’m watching this exactly a year later WOW
    Just realised no one f*cking cares lol sorry

  • mika k

    mika k

     a years ago +4028

    Coachella can change a girl. I mean look at Emma doing a jUiCe cLeAnSe

  • Sophia Reck

    Sophia Reck

     7 months ago +791

    Emma -
    Ewwww it taste like soap water
    (Takes another sip)

  • Haven Rettie

    Haven Rettie

     4 months ago +234

    Who else is watching this after her 2019 Coachella video?
    Just me? K.

  • makenna zeidler

    makenna zeidler

     7 months ago +238

    i remember when she had like 200k subs wtf

  • Jade Roseanne

    Jade Roseanne

     2 months ago +164

    "someone pulled into the parking spot next to me, now i cant be myself" what a mood

  • kermit fam

    kermit fam

     a years ago +14125

    why is a twelve year old boy going to coachella. someone get his mom
    no dramas in the comment section this was a cherished inside joke

  • Relax123


     7 months ago +518

    You literally made YouTube better.

  • Zoee


     2 months ago +39

    Emma's middle finger nail is always broken because she flips people of to much😁

  • jamie khans

    jamie khans

     7 months ago +490

    who's watching in 2019 at 1 am lol

  • Evelyn Bircher

    Evelyn Bircher

     4 months ago +114

    I love how the Gucci shirt is casually hanging in the background at the beginning

  • TheCartoonFantic


     4 months ago +108

    i like how emma is flexing off her gucci tshirt in the mirror.

  • Constipated Elmo

    Constipated Elmo

     4 months ago +77

    who else is watching this after her 2k19 coachella preparation.

  • Scarlett Bisley

    Scarlett Bisley

     4 months ago +47

    brooooo ur skin was so clear

  • Ellie gamer

    Ellie gamer

     6 months ago +256

    who is watching in 2019 ???
    Only me🙇🙇
    2019 squad waiting for you 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Gooner Guy

    Gooner Guy

     a years ago +2785

    I think I'm addicted to her and this channel.
    Actually I'm definitely addicted, I may need help.

  • x x

    x x

     6 months ago +118

    the song at 06:55 is Kids - MGMT, for anyone wondering 💫