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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
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  • Sophia Reck

     5 months ago

    She just casually sits naked meditated in her house

  • Taylor Taylor

     4 days ago

    only child tings🙄

  • Dolxntwinsiez xo

     20 days ago

    Sophia Reck kinda live for it tho

  • Afo O'Lowofela

     5 months ago

    Is ethma real ???? Oh and who's watching in 2019

  • Lily Belden

     13 days ago


  • jossi lee

     19 days ago

    Afo O'Lowofela no. stfu. thats done. like-STOP

  • Trinity Harper

     2 months ago

    no one: commenters: wHOs wATChinG iN 2019??¿¿

  • Vanessa Merrell

     25 days ago

    This shit. I like it. 😂

  • Haven Rettie

     2 months ago

    Who else is watching this after her 2019 Coachella video?Just me? K.


     18 days ago


  • Ava Autry

     2 months ago


  • s

     1 years ago

    Emma's comment section is basically my second home

  • Marli Alexandra

     2 months ago

    s welcome to our crib

  • neve gervase

     4 months ago

    Why is that ME!

  • Anna Carey

     2 months ago

    I’m watching this exactly a year later *WOW*Just realised no one f*cking cares lol sorry

  • letsplay lala

     26 days ago

    I *live* for your profile pic

  • margaret c

     2 months ago

    LOL me too

  • Sophia Reck

     5 months ago

    Emma -Ewwww it taste like soap water(Takes another sip)


     3 months ago

    Sophia Reck. I was waiting for someone to comment about this😂😂

  • Tanya

     4 months ago

    The whole thisng was hilarious

  • Jade Roseanne

     28 days ago

    "someone pulled into the parking spot next to me, now i cant be myself" what a mood

  • Relax123

     5 months ago

    You literally made YouTube better.

  • mika k

     1 years ago

    Coachella can change a girl. I mean look at Emma doing a *jUiCe cLeAnSe*

  • Ella Wadbrook

     4 months ago

    lol juice cleanses arent even that good for you. it's just juice. they market to you saying that they will "detoxify" and "purify" your body. THAT'S WHAT YOUR FUCKING LIVER IS FOR. you dont need to drink juice that tastes like ass to be healthy

  • Heidi Choy

     9 months ago

    R K eeeehhh, she gave up after one juice