8 Cars That Were Sales Flops!! (No One Bought Them)

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 12, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/H0elM0mJpc0


  • Viral Vehicles

    Viral Vehicles

     a years ago +371

    I reply to EVERY comment in the first 6 hours! :D (except trolls)

  • Ronin T

    Ronin T

     42 minutes ago

    Renault Vel Satis

  • Tery Nichols

    Tery Nichols

     an hour ago

    Chev should have released the SSR under a Holden badge in Australia, it would have been a good seller.

  • Robert Valentin

    Robert Valentin

     13 hours ago

    how about the pt Cruiser ill thought it will on the list only
    it wasn't that ugly as Pontiac Aztek
    and 87 2003ford Taurus. those car had.
    problem with transmission
    and the smart car ill don't know
    if there good ill kown is ugly
    and Plymouth prowler
    wasn't poplar ill think it was
    tv show

  • What Ever

    What Ever

     15 hours ago

    Mercedes X Class. Total failure. Expected loads of orders, hardly any sold. Should have done an amg version

  • Skeqtical


     2 days ago

    3:49 that looks amazing!

  • SuperSpartan


     2 days ago

    You missed the Saturn L series.

  • Brian


     2 days ago

    I kinda doubt Charlie Sheen's Fiat 500 Abarth commercial with ankle bracelet & house arrest helped their image much


  • The Depth of Darkness

    The Depth of Darkness

     3 days ago

    @Viral Vehicles --Don't perpetuate that bullshit about cocaine and john delorean you half ass twit. It was proven he was framed by US law enforcement and was 100% exonerated. You always forget to mention that part.

  • declan tideswell

    declan tideswell

     3 days ago

    Pretty sure I know your voice from tech zone

  • J C

    J C

     4 days ago

    Plymouth prowler?

  • Jensi dk

    Jensi dk

     4 days ago

    Vw phaethon is my favorite

  • Cypher Punk

    Cypher Punk

     5 days ago +1

    Hold up...... Did you say the Aztec had a popout tent? How much can I buy this for today?

  • James Wright

    James Wright

     5 days ago

    The SSR looked like a rolling penis.

  • DJ PsyChaotic

    DJ PsyChaotic

     6 days ago +1

    Ah, I see you like to lie too. ABSOLUTELY no one bought them?

  • bobby solo

    bobby solo

     6 days ago

    Chevy should have just made a real truck using their updated lines in the SSR. The fact it couldn't carry groceries and was expensive to start, and had nothing other than the appearance going for it, no sale. IF they had gone with even the S10 line using this retro look I bet it would have sold. As it was, it had the practicality of a Corvette, in the form of utility, and none of the performance of a Corvette.



     7 days ago

    The Aztec would fit right in with any SUV today....it looks less weird than many current cars....I like it.

  • Rod Firefighter

    Rod Firefighter

     7 days ago

    Or how about the High Performance/Racing type Ford Falcons?

  • Rod Firefighter

    Rod Firefighter

     7 days ago +2

    How about a true Torino Sport and Ranchero or pre Road Runner/GTX-high performance 65-67 Satellites loaded!

  • Rod Firefighter

    Rod Firefighter

     7 days ago +1

    How was the Dodge Daytona Z?