This Dog Was Tangled In Branches On A River For Days Then Bystanders Embarked On A Daring Rescue

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 25, 2019
  • When the search team spotted the lost dog stranded on a washed-up pile of unstable sticks and branches on a tumultuous river, the poor animal looked scared and confused. But with the waters churning all around, a rescue attempt seemed far too dangerous. That was, until someone launched a daring plan.

    In April 2017, a search expedition was on the hunt for a missing California man. And, fearing the worst and that their man could have been drowned, they focused their attention on the Salinas River near Greenfield, CA.

    The river is the longest on the main coast of the state, and its waters are often extremely fast-flowing. What’s more, thanks to its strong currents, the waterway can be treacherous and is easily capable of claiming someone’s life.


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  • Sassy 208

    Sassy 208

     2 months ago

    This video was too long because there are to many clips that are used for "filler". It's distressing and makes me NOT want to watch! Please take care of this.

  • Rev. Kaelene Lord

    Rev. Kaelene Lord

     3 months ago

    Stop inserting stock photos into a life or death situation for this dog. You state this was a pit bull but you place photos of other dog breeds Then you place a picture of a woman walking on rocks of a small creek. Far from the image of a torrential river flow. You bring a lack of credibility when you do things like this. I believe the story true, but when you add a picture of a man in the snow carrying a christmas tree... absolutely fake. They gathered wood and branches to assist and it was not snowing. Do you wish to gain sympathy to this event or make it appear as a gaffe? Posts like this one need to stop. You are supposed to create concern for the stranded pup, but this post removed the effort as being urgent through free stock photos. Where is your truth?
    Really? A beagle too?And a border collie, only to be topped by a golden retriever?! (sigh) This was a rescue of a pit bull loved by his family!
    We have enough 'fake' in our political world. Let stories of animals be real for Gods sake!
    Sorry, unsubscribing NOW. We cant even tell if this is true or not and you are seeking funds to assist in rescues of animals. Just what % goes to the animals?

  • ohmercy


     3 months ago +2

    I like the stories but the dramatizations are terrible. They make me suspect the veracity

  • gayle gomez

    gayle gomez

     3 months ago +3

    Which dog was it... the herding dog or the pit mix???

  • bestlogicmaster


     3 months ago +2

    Amazing this dog was lost in California yet we see a picture of a searcher looking at the American Niagara Falls from Ontario, Canada.

  • Miranda Brooks

    Miranda Brooks

     3 months ago +3

    Click bait with picture of brown long haired non-pitbull dog to start the story. Then picture of people walking a Beagle. Then someone petting a golden retriever at the end. WHY?! Also that water in the picture wad calm as could be not potential death rapids. How desperate were you people for a story?

  • Dinia Santos

    Dinia Santos

     3 months ago +4

    Thank God that dog was rescued. You just came in time to save his life. You are an angel to this dog.

  • Alan Parr

    Alan Parr

     3 months ago +5

    Which dog was saved? They showed a variety of dogs. Why.? I’m sorry but this video is BS..!