Vanilla Barrens And Why Its Remembered - WCmini Facts

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 1, 2017
  • Could also be called "The History of Vanilla Barrens" or Barrens chat

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  • jondonwayne wayne

    jondonwayne wayne

     4 days ago

    Shows "vanilla" with lvl 70 ok dude fakerino..omg farming 20 zehvras for 4 hoves omfg so diffcult omfg but farming 20 mobs every day for dumb dailyqs isnt a problem pls stfu idiot...everything after vanilla was pure bullshit! pet fights = lil gaylords rubbing theyre penises...what happend today no real open world pvp no real competition cuz everbody can do anything pure bs typical gen snowflake game vanilla = the real wow

  • Gingasaurus


     14 days ago

    A lot of this info regarding the horde areas being rushed was confirmed in the developer book, “the WoW Diary” which chronicles the creation of WoW.

  • Bolastwo


     14 days ago

    Imagine playing the Horde of virgin's barrens instead of Elwyn and westfall

  • Justin White

    Justin White

     14 days ago

    Lol Fuck Silverpine.

  • sadstew


     14 days ago

    I heard of "anal [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]"

    But did you ever hear of "anal [On A Pale Horse]"?

  • Amateur Gamer

    Amateur Gamer

     21 days ago

    Game devs over correcting and making something worse? Who'd a thunk?

  • TheLurkingBunny


     a months ago

    Seriously! Why did Ratchet had to be neutral?! 😡

  • TheIllio


     a months ago +1

    I actually enjoyed leveling in the Barrens. And I still do.

  • InstaRaman


     a months ago

    Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?

  • realdeal steal

    realdeal steal

     a months ago +1

    I herd chuck norris plays classic irl

  • BestAnimeFanservice


     a months ago +1

    I have more fun in classic barrens with only 20 silver in my pocket and with half my gear being 10 levels below me; than having all purple gear with 100k gold in my pockets in BFA

  • Masada 5.56x45

    Masada 5.56x45

     a months ago

    1:05 BG not giving experience? In Vanilla? Orly?

  • Jintai Stormwarden

    Jintai Stormwarden

     a months ago

    I was a guardian of XR. A 5-min mage. When it would be attacked by a group of alliance A-hats looking to grief lowbies just wanting to level I would show up and hide and scout out the attackers. Once I found an acceptable target, I would toss 1 fireball or scorch (Pom + Pyro was also fun) and run... right up to the elite and her axes of death. Guards were nothing, but she could act like an angry raid boss. All i needed was an inattentive hunter or a blood hungry warrior or paladin. (Thrall's balls, it that a second sun? No! It Lightbringer!) Pop the hunter's Broken Tooth (since that was what they ALWAYS wanted for a pet every time) or get the melee unit's attention. They would run at me and anger her every time causing her to run after their group of idiots, leaving bodies everywhere. It... was... glorious...

    😈 lok'tar Ogar! (∩`ω´)⊃>>>> )))O [o.o]

  • Sail Hatan

    Sail Hatan

     a months ago +1

    Are you kidding? The size was the BEST part about it. The ONLY flaw was all the walking itself but the fact that you felt so small in such a big world was exactly why WoW was so special to begin with. The Barrens encouraged teamwork and is the main reason lots of people made friends and found guilds.

  • Daisy Petals

    Daisy Petals

     a months ago

    Ah. Chuck Norris and later on Billy Mays facts.

  • Liu Jian

    Liu Jian

     a months ago

    The logic of this video is so clear that it gives my brain orgasm.

  • Avatar1977


     a months ago

    After happily questing 4 characters through the barrens in classic I can confirm that the criticisms raised in the video are way over the top.
    1. The Zhevra quest is simple if you just wander along the road to the Durotar bridge, they are plentiful around there
    2. Skip the harpy quests and you don't have to go to every "far corner of the zone"
    3. The only really "bad" quests are the ones at the southern quillboar areas due to the zerg spawning of stealthed patrols

    Also factual error in the video, where you say that you can get to level 30 in the barrens if you really wanted to. This is rubbish. If you really, REEALLLY want to you could get to level 45 by grinding on the mobs outside Razorfen Kraul and Downs.

  • Jim White

    Jim White

     a months ago

    The developers sure show a WHOLE lot more love for the Alliance than the Horde, for the same reasons why all the female high elves seem to LOVE human cocks, cuz male Humans are what the developers and players most identify with.

  • Tom Valliecane

    Tom Valliecane

     a months ago

    I feel it should be mentioned, WoWs old drop rates with things like the Zheevra hooves were /SO BAD/ Blizzard literally made it a rule on their comic page that you were not allowed to submit comics related to enemies having no head, hooves or similar.

  • Jeff Greenwade

    Jeff Greenwade

     a months ago

    Man, I want to play again. :( But I feel like they made things easier..