Vanilla Barrens And Why Its Remembered - WCmini Facts

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 1, 2017
  • Could also be called "The History of Vanilla Barrens" or Barrens chatTwitter - - Stream - - Where you can vote on/and suggest videos to be made. you can't get enough of my videos you can always check out my other channels as well -World of Warcraft - - Battles (in WoW) - 10s - - - of The Storm - videos- stuff - Vods Channel - with Curse, Seriously they're great -
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  • Trevor Philips

    Trevor Philips

     a years ago +1566


  • TakoyaKyono


     11 months ago +158

    I learnt so many interesting facts about Chuck Norris while grinding through the Barrens.

  • cthalpin


     2 months ago +96

    "well never have the old barrens again"
    That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

  • TheBlaggert


     a years ago +509

    Damn there used to be some absolutely epic pvp battles at the crossroads.

  • hiding in my room

    hiding in my room

     a years ago +457

    I miss barrens chat and the sense of community it had. It was fun casually questing and chatting about random things with strangers. I was 16 at the time with no friends and playing wow was the closest thing to having a social life that i had.

  • smilly456


     a years ago +197

    "We'll never have old barrens again" months later wow classic

  • xabe


     a years ago +170

    i hope they change the location of mankirk wife in classic just to make us look around.

  • Michael Randold

    Michael Randold

     a years ago +57

    Local Defense: “Crossroads is under attack!”
    Can’t fking wait. The dream is real.

  • tavisxavier


     a years ago +152

    Does anyone know where Mankriks wife is?

  • Kimberly Colley

    Kimberly Colley

     a years ago +76

    And then you couldn’t get a flight in or out because the flight master was dead.

  • Nick Rönnberg

    Nick Rönnberg

     a years ago +85

    "Crossroad Defense" -guild inbound!

  • Macabre


     2 months ago +12

    "would you even want that again?"

  • RAZRfreak


     a years ago +55

    Never played WOW but this video made vanilla WOW sound so much fun. I was planning on playing WOW for the first time on the Classic server as a human, but after watching this I might go with Horde. Hopefully the experience will be the same as it was back then.

  • MrZurata


     2 years ago +592

    Comradery is built through adversity. We all worked to together against all this terrible zone design and we all remember it fondly regardless of the flaws.
    I couldn't tell you a single memorable thing that happened to me since Cata. Its all just a boring blur because the leveling is so streamlined and fast that nothing is a threat and there's absolutely no adversity.

  • Axgoodofdunemaul


     a years ago +19

    I miss the Old Vanilla Barrens. It had a wide-open peaceful feeling that I found refreshing. I quit WOW during Lich King. The game became just too much about bean-counting at that time. But I might go back to Vanilla WOW if I had the chance. It's where I met and "dated" my wife. Roaming with her across the moonlit Barrens with me as Axgood the orc and her as Chela the troll -- I'll never forget that. We were both in our sixties at that time. A real love story in a virtual world.

  • Dan Ortiz

    Dan Ortiz

     a years ago +26

    WoW was great, not because its Graphics, Mechanics or even gameplay... it was great because their social interactions. You were sucked to this bizarre place where you laugh, rage, cry, and get all kind of adventure and tales... The Barrens was the first place where you met your friends and companions, when you get invited to a guild, to Wailing Caverns, to world pvp... It wasn't the perfect leveling map, but who cared, it was wonderful place to just be there. And I miss every single moment w/o it. We will miss you Vanilla Barrens. The most hated, and loved leveling zone in the game.

  • c b

    c b

     a years ago +39

    Barrens Suck is exactly what made the game so great, thats what blizzard hasnt figured out. It built the back bone for future friendships with your fellow horde players. Someone who played allience or started playing after the bulk of the player base had lvl'd to 60 would look back on the barrens in a negative light, but a horde player who started early in the game would probably look back on the barrens and wish they could recreate that experience again. I remember creeping my way around pig people tryin not to get killed by wondering packs and all of a sudden seeing "crossraods is under attack" spammed. Saving HELL YA and bee lining it over to defend my house. I LOVED early barrens its right up theres with early raiding MC and BWL and vanilla AB,WSG and 8 hour AV battles.
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  • Xraygogs


     a years ago +15

    I liked Wailing Caverns

  • berserkur19


     2 years ago +250

    You know why I love The Barrens? I was questing there in vanilla and one day something happened that made me spit out the water I was drinking all over the computer screen, because it was so shockingly bizarre and silly.. I killed a giraffe. Looted his body and what I saw made me question my entire life. The giraffe dropped clam meat.

  • My name

    My name

     a years ago +23

    My absolute favorite thing to do as horde in the barrens:
    1) Wait for the boat at ratchet
    2) Get on
    3) MC any alliance players and throw them off as the boat nears the zone exit
    4) ???
    5) Profit