Minecraft: SPOT THE TROLL!!! (WHICH ONE IS SAFE?!) Custom Map

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 14, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/HMUDiPva0Lw


  • Podpeople


     10 months ago +1263

    You know how this goes....
    1. Jen
    2. Pat
    3. Killer Jen
    4. Killer Pat
    5. Killer JenPat (mix of the two)
    6. Cloud
    7. Yourself
    8. Water
    9. Lava
    0. Anything (doesn’t have to be on this list!)
    I go first and I’m Jen 😁, your turn!
    Comment on who you got!!

  • ChilaxMode _HD

    ChilaxMode _HD

     1 months ago +28

    You know the drill...
    1. Pat
    4.Anything in this list
    5. Troll meme
    6.Lava troll
    7.Water troll
    8.Pat's victory
    9.Jen's Victory
    0. Anything you can think of

  • coocoo connor

    coocoo connor

     2 months ago +80

    6:46 "I'm so good at parkour" jumps off edge

  • Connor Plumley

    Connor Plumley

     2 months ago +87

    Free v-bucks for roblox!
    wait that's fortnite
    Thanks for all the likes!! :D



     2 months ago +41

    14:50it was from the avengers infinity war o my gosh

  • Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez

     10 months ago +194

    That Avengers: Infinity War reference Killed Me

  • Allyson Jane

    Allyson Jane

     7 months ago +48

    I've been watching you for 3 years and still living for you intro!

  • Rogrock Yu

    Rogrock Yu

     5 months ago +129

    V-bucks for roblox!
    -pat 2018 q😂😂😂

  • bmorain


     1 months ago +9

    Jen: I'm so good at parkour falls
    Me: Claps

  • Freedom2234 :p

    Freedom2234 :p

     3 months ago +13

    "yay free v-bucks for roblox!" had me dying

  • MoonPuff


     10 months ago +244

    14:48 Like if you got the joke/meme lol

  • AutobotSonic42100


     5 months ago +19

    He said "What's happening dudes" instead of "What's up dudes". Anyone else catch that?

  • Savannah Collazo

    Savannah Collazo

     4 months ago +9

    Jen: I’m so good at parkour
    Jen: jumps
    Jen: falls

  • S D

    S D

     5 months ago +7

    Let's me get some V bucks and change my avatar in roblox !!!!!PERFECT!!🦄

  • Epic FairyTail

    Epic FairyTail

     2 months ago +4

    Pat Jen I love your videos

  • ThatOneRottenOrange


     10 months ago +39

    Jen: I'm so good at parkour
    Falls in lava

  • Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato

     8 months ago +3

    That map is 100% evil... R.I.P Peter Parker (Spiderman) ;-;

  • Energy Boi

    Energy Boi

     5 months ago +12

    V-Bucks is Fortnite Pat!!! XD 6:23 Pat says V-Bucks for Roblox!!!

  • Coolhannah 11123

    Coolhannah 11123

     1 months ago +3

    Me:knock knock
    Pat: Who there
    Pat:boo who
    Me:boo who give me all of ur candy

  • Oliver AllOvr

    Oliver AllOvr

     4 months ago +56

    Jen: I’m so good at parkour falls Immediately