Owner Makes Roasted Potatoes In A Microwave | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 27, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/HNDLdLw8Mh4


  • Crystal Waterdrop

    Crystal Waterdrop

     4 months ago +3246

    Microwaves: I T S F R E E R E A L E S T A T E

  • Frna79_esNatoc


     4 months ago +911

    How to have a bad restaurant step by step:
    1. Hire Chef Mike
    2. Get Nino cleaning
    3. Have everything 'Fresh Frozen'
    4. Don't forget the lamb sauce
    5. Have old stubborn men for boss
    6. Don't. Clean. Anything.

  • Levi Oram

    Levi Oram

     4 months ago +1834

    if you happen to have frozen food or a chef mike, you are asking gordon to tear your whole staff apart

  • Jassmine Alexis

    Jassmine Alexis

     4 months ago +1298

    Chef Ramsey should be yelling at the microwave for undercooking everything 😂😂
    Ramsey: ITS F**KING RAW
    Microwave: beep beep beep

  • _Bob McCoy

    _Bob McCoy

     4 months ago +1915

    Next Video: Owner Makes Roasted Microwaves in a Potato

  • Owen


     4 months ago +1249

    "You don't need questionnaires. They don't ring you up say, 'by the way I'm not coming back,' they just don't come back. They vote with their feet."

  • airforce9872


     4 months ago +901

    "Yeah I wanna be the best chef this side of the Mississi-... we're in Michigan." HAD ME DEAD

  • Joe Kreissl

    Joe Kreissl

     4 months ago +613

    Chef Mike should be loaded by now, what a legend for re-appearing constantly on kitchen nightmares

  • John


     4 months ago +341

    All the women in this video have 80s hairstyles, but this was filmed in 2008...

  • Thomas H

    Thomas H

     4 months ago +256

    Imagine having the photo of a microwave on the “employee of the month” board every month.

  • Niko The Arms Dealer

    Niko The Arms Dealer

     4 months ago +337

    It's impressive how Chef Mike manages to keep getting rehired.

  • Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper

     4 months ago +469

    This show has just become Chef Mike: The sitcom

  • enverOwnz


     4 months ago +250

    0:32 the restaurant next to it is called “wing Wong” I’m dying 😂😂

  • James Simpson

    James Simpson

     4 months ago +597

    I don't think I've ever wanted to punch someone in the face more than the twonk at 2:39

  • Superr


     4 months ago +143

    Gordon: Is there anything else that I ate here that wasn't microwaved
    Worker: the salad

  • My name is not Rick

    My name is not Rick

     4 months ago +245

    Microwave : Do most of the work...
    Kitchen : Am I a joke to you ?!

  • Hoodzzz


     4 months ago +248

    2:38 M'Lady I will protect you from foul food

  • Not A Rapist

    Not A Rapist

     4 months ago +84

    This chef is one of my favorites cause he just wants to improve, his dad held him back.

  • Motley Stew

    Motley Stew

     4 months ago +57

    "Looks like a cockatoo"
    ..and then one of the first customers has the same look!
    When WAS this? The 80s?? (O_O)

  • Leon S Kennedy

    Leon S Kennedy

     4 months ago +146

    Main role: Gordon Ramsay
    Recurring role: Chef Mike