Disney Had To Cancel These Shows For Messed Up Reasons

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 1, 2019
  • These Disney Shows Were Cancelled Sooner Than Fans WantedSubscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TheBingerDisney has made a lot of programs in the course of it taking over the film and television industries. However, that also means that its cancelled a lot of shows, and for pretty strange reasons some of the time. Like how Girl Meets World totally failed to cash in on the success of Boy Meets World and was resoundingly middling. Other spin-offs met similar fates, such as Sabrina: The Animated Series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and Cory In The House. Then there are shows that had to end because of unusual business dealings behind the scenes, like Lizzie McGuire. Others were cancelled because of Disney’s policy of moving onto new projects after two years, like Brandy And Mr. Whiskers, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Dave The Barbarian. Then there are some true oddballs like Gargoyles and Kim Possible, which both came back after their initial cancellation. Show business is a strange business, and that’s especially true of television shows. These 10 Disney shows that were cancelled for weird reasons are proof of that.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/HPSkdAAPVnc


  • HoneyBee X

    HoneyBee X

     1 months ago +1561

    Some of 'em were actually good.
    Like, Kim Possible... I cried.

  • Troy and Kelli Hanks

    Troy and Kelli Hanks

     1 months ago +2804

    Says cancelled for weird reasons, all cancelled for normal reasons.

  • Auron3991


     1 months ago +1565

    So, in the end, Kim Possible had the weirdest reason for Disney to cancel: reaching the end of it's story.

  • Twitch532


     1 months ago +749

    Your 'strange' reason for like half of these were "it didn't make money" or "it just was."
    This video sucked.

  • carlton meekins

    carlton meekins

     1 months ago +223

    You can’t just say ‘weird’ ‘odd’ and ‘strange’ and expect it to mean something... none of these reasons are really weird.
    Good job clickbaiting me though. You got me.

  • ZigZag Cresso

    ZigZag Cresso

     1 months ago +306

    So the strange reasons were
    Wasn't successful
    Low budget
    And the strangest reason:
    The story was finished

  • PdroPM


     1 months ago +194

    Ok. That's so wrong! That on the right is Dexter's mom... From Dexter's laboratory. And that's CARTOON NETWORK NOT DISNEY

  • David Clinton

    David Clinton

     1 months ago +713

    You know DIC is pronounced Deek, right? Lol

  • snickelfrits fellow

    snickelfrits fellow

     1 months ago +291

    most of these a reason was never even given... they just its "it was weird it was cancelled"

  • Deepcut


     1 months ago +235

    Dave the Barbarian was my show, I was so surprised it got canceled.

  • Hina Williams

    Hina Williams

     1 months ago +242

    OH god Gargoyles, Kim Possible, American Dragon Jake Long, Brandy and Mr. Whiskers (I generally didn't like cartoons that were really comedic based but I made an exception for Brandy and Mr. Whiskers), and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command... these were some of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid, at least when i watched Disney, and let's not forget Proud Family.

  • whatsername1180


     1 months ago +235

    Kim possible is LIFE.
    Except that abomination of the R.L version on the Disney channel

  • Jorge Aguilar

    Jorge Aguilar

     1 months ago +172

    Hated the style change of American Dragon

  • chapasproject


     1 months ago +123

    canceled for not having enough rating is strange indeed! who would have thought that a show that no one watched would be canceled! 🤷‍♂️

  • Zi Prophet

    Zi Prophet

     1 months ago +85

    "10 Disney Shows That Were Cancelled For Weird Reasons "
    But they were all normal reasons, none were weird. Liar!

  • Catie Bloomer

    Catie Bloomer

     1 months ago +47

    Girl meets world was canceled because they played it on the wrong channel. It should have been on ABCor freeform, not Disney

  • joshua williams

    joshua williams

     1 months ago +104

    i loved american dragon jake long, the second season wasnt as great, they shouldve kept the original style.

  • AkedaOkami


     1 months ago +70

    Dude literally said every show was weird and/or strange 😂

  • ohstate411


     1 months ago +44

    Anyone remember the episode of Cory in the House where Cory commits high treason by giving Alaska back to Russia?

  • Buenomars


     1 months ago +54

    No. 6 got cancelled because Disney felt anime doesn't quite represent their brand.