Don't Drop the ANVIL on Your Family's Expensive Items Challenge!!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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    Hey guys! In this challenge, we had our family
    select a potential prize that they would have to put underneath the anvils! If you cut the wrong rope, their prize gets smashed!

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  • Bree Conard

    Bree Conard

     16 hours ago


  • The lightning Rod

    The lightning Rod


    I’m glad they didn’t get Kevin any animals or else

    DEMONITIZED and that is true fear

  • Jesse Turay

    Jesse Turay

     yesterday +1

    J-Fred looks so much like his Nana!

  • Josiah Hannah

    Josiah Hannah


    Joey is Bobby's cousin.

  • 54raceman


     3 days ago

    A certain someone definitely didn’t get any that night

  • harrison2573


     4 days ago


  • Misael Flores

    Misael Flores

     4 days ago

    He looks like Matt

  • JayJay L C

    JayJay L C

     5 days ago

    I love the that you guys involved your family in the video, touching. Keep up the awesome work guys.

  • Itz Mystic

    Itz Mystic

     5 days ago +1

    Joeys dad looks and sounds exactly like Matthias

  • The Alpha Tiger

    The Alpha Tiger

     5 days ago

    Does anyone else think Matt and Sarah look extremely similar I know they are related but still

  • Panda Stricker

    Panda Stricker

     6 days ago

    diamond doesn't break

  • Nahhh Thennn

    Nahhh Thennn

     7 days ago

    Where is Matt?

  • The World wide gamer

    The World wide gamer

     7 days ago

    New Matt is shara

  • Hayley Bock

    Hayley Bock

     7 days ago

    A puppy a goldfish sksksk

  • Justin Langley

    Justin Langley

     7 days ago

    Why does Sarah look like mattheyes

  • Wesley Flowers

    Wesley Flowers

     7 days ago

    I like how you said diabeity

  • Eli Jane

    Eli Jane

     14 days ago

    Matt and his sister looks like twins 😂

  • Hell Hound Baby

    Hell Hound Baby

     14 days ago

    Binge watching TE while I study is a good choice. 😽👌

  • Aaron Espana

    Aaron Espana

     14 days ago

    Kevin personality makes the show so y u giving him a stern talk

  • Fluffy Meatball43

    Fluffy Meatball43

     14 days ago

    4:42 that slaping on the baloon got me and Joey's face😂 PURE GOLD