Which Trimmer Brush Blade is Best? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 1, 2018
  • Using trimmer string has its limits and not all brush blades are equally effective. In this video, I compare 5 different brush blades for clearing tall grass, light brush, and small trees. Please follow manufacturers instructions and use all appropriate safety gear and equipment if you decide to do this. This is educational and entertainment purposes only. I'm not sponsored by any of these brands and I purchased all of the products that I tested.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/HYOlZb2bmmU


  • Peter Harper

    Peter Harper

     9 hours ago

    The REAL question; Which is better against Zombies?!

  • Patrick Seekins

    Patrick Seekins


    If you want to cut small trees, use a Beaver blade or clone. Chainsaw teeth mounted on a disc blade.

  • Shawn R

    Shawn R


    I use a Ryobi blade.
    When cutting grass with a metal blade.
    Get at the edge of the grass and push the blade in just above the ground. Grass is stiffest there and cuts easier with the blade.
    Pass the blade about 1 to 3 inch in and across your swing. On the backswing push it in a little more and move the cut grass out of the way with the trimmer.
    Rinse, Repeat.
    Take off just a little at a time and the blades work better on tall grass.

    For small trees less than 1 inch just hit em pretty good just above the ground and they should cut right off.

    Anything over 2 inch I am going to get a saw.
    I have torn up enough weedeater shafts in my lifetime.

  • Glen Baker

    Glen Baker

     3 days ago

    Nothing better than watching another man work, ha, Thxs for posting this,, il make sure to pick one up for my wife,,

  • chumanji9


     5 days ago

    Perfect blade for zombie apocalypse

  • Tushar Jamdade

    Tushar Jamdade

     5 days ago

    Hey man, Hope you are doing well. Please don't cut trees for each and every blade. Cut only one tree from the top of the branch and use next blade for same tree. I don't know whether you are going to plant a tree or not but the plant will take years to become tree. Hope you understand and stop cutting and start planting.

  • Stephen S

    Stephen S

     6 days ago

    Carbide blades is a waste of money as they cannot be resharpened !

  • Justin Hooker

    Justin Hooker

     7 days ago

    I would like to see which impact bits fair better in some tests Philips, tourqe,square or test all Philips different brands. I strip the heck out of those things and go thru em like there going out of style.

  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    only one Mr X Only one Mr y

     7 days ago +1

    How to piss off your Stupid next door neighbor s

  • chad rathbone

    chad rathbone

     7 days ago +1

    Can you sharpen the forester like you can a chainsaw?

  • Steve Shrader

    Steve Shrader

     7 days ago

    ...removing the guard is the first thing i do...but...i "always" wear good safety eye wear and tough steel toe boots...

  • Michael Guttmann

    Michael Guttmann

     7 days ago

    For the 1 one
    This size is made for an bigger engine

  • David Kelley

    David Kelley

     7 days ago

    Man do I love project farm

  • Jeff N

    Jeff N

     7 days ago +5

    Have you ever looked at a table saw and thought, "Gee, I wish this didn't have a guard on it and I could swing it around on a pole!"

  • Keith Mikell

    Keith Mikell

     7 days ago

    Round up has replaced my weed wacker. And those blades just kept on coming!

  • Eric Grinnell Sr.

    Eric Grinnell Sr.

     7 days ago

    Stihl makes a great shoulder harness that attaches to your whirling instrument of dismemberment. Please don't risk your leg or bystanders leg. Those blades ricochet off small tree limbs so fast you just shouldn't do this!!

  • Meep Changeling

    Meep Changeling

     14 days ago

    This seems like a great way to loose a foot. I say stick to the filament for grass and a chainsaw for brush.

  • Rafael Sardá

    Rafael Sardá

     14 days ago

    I would go with Craftop for sure. More versatile blade. Probaly would deal better with unexpected small rocks.

  • job mariano

    job mariano

     14 days ago

    Can you try the six blade that is selling online

  • Frank Du preez

    Frank Du preez

     14 days ago

    Make a video on how your left thumb nail got that way