Surprising Best Friend with a New Tesla!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

     3 months ago +12584

    Big thanks to Chris Chann obviously for helping me all those times and thank you to everyone else who believed in me and made this video possible. Shit like this makes me very happy so I’m glad I’m able to do it ❤️ also thanks for sponsoring the video

  • YvngBoi Snaggy

    YvngBoi Snaggy

     yesterday +1

    Wow. I’m speechless 🖤💪🏽

  • Cooper Roy

    Cooper Roy


    Fuck you made me tear up

  • Anthony Samaniego

    Anthony Samaniego

     2 days ago

    fuck you for making me cry man 🤧

  • Pagrator Tersot

    Pagrator Tersot

     2 days ago

    Ok i was gonna make a joke at first then i watched the whole vid and decided not to. This is what true friendship is all about. And thats not a joke.

  • Jack Graham

    Jack Graham

     3 days ago

    I just saw a new Side to Danny...

  • Papershredder27


     3 days ago

    Earned my respect bro your a savage Danny

  • Yexto


     5 days ago

    You’re the best Danny 🖤

  • V870 Batslayer

    V870 Batslayer

     6 days ago

    Holy fuck. I never seen Danny cry

  • 6ix9ine


     7 days ago

    Why the fuck am I crying

  • Android User338

    Android User338

     7 days ago +1

    3:10 I thought he was laughing

  • Coles Infiniti

    Coles Infiniti

     7 days ago

    Damn. Thats some real ass friendship right there. Shit like that is hard to find.

  • Vincent Bunkers

    Vincent Bunkers

     7 days ago

    Bro the legend u fucking rock!

  • Georgi Gonzalez

    Georgi Gonzalez

     7 days ago +8

    Danny Duncan is living proof of “Started From The Bottom Now Were Here”

  • Skeet 22

    Skeet 22

     7 days ago

    I felt this bro

  • 97VobraOwner


     7 days ago

    I found your channel during a low point - you bring me up bro - and Im not a child ( just a kid on the inside ) thanks for what you do. Cheers.

  • Gregory Centeio

    Gregory Centeio

     7 days ago

    I don't understand why this has 1k dislikes???

  • logan Mccomb

    logan Mccomb

     7 days ago

    Danny's back story is pretty sad..

  • Yung Luc the Sauce god

    Yung Luc the Sauce god

     7 days ago


    everyone in the comments-PUSSY

  • Suav0Time


     7 days ago

    I thought he was laughing at first