Perimeter security before the collapse and riots.

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 3, 2016
  • Barb wire, concertina wire and razor wire to secure your retreat and home.
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  • 80MileKyle


     23 hours ago

    Just a tip: plant berry bushes along your fences ASAP if they grow good in your area. The thorny vines will grow all over the Fence, eventually making a massive thorny hedge like shape around the fence. This is a great way to solve the cutting a hole in the fence or wire issue. Razor wire on top would be killer. It would get hidden in the bush to which is gnarly lol.

  • 1st and 15th

    1st and 15th

     1 months ago

    Pair of wire cutters rend all this useless

  • Sabine Katsavrias

    Sabine Katsavrias

     4 months ago

    Knipex 7101200 8-Inch Lever Action Mini-Bolt Cutter

  • Bret Z

    Bret Z

     6 months ago +1

    Not a bad video, but it's called "CONCERTINA WIRE", as in "Con-Sir-Tina".

  • pietje keesje

    pietje keesje

     6 months ago

    hook a 12v car battery to the fence with a power drain alarm and your set

  • Justin Smth

    Justin Smth

     7 months ago

    Your cinder blocks for your bunker aren't any good for rounds coming your way... better to use the sand bags!

  • Nope Grigsby

    Nope Grigsby

     8 months ago

    the thing is with all this fancy wire and multiple layers of it people are gonna naturally think you must got somthing in there worth all that wire

  • Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

     8 months ago +1

    If you have a privacy fence & you have people constantly jumping over it put some carpet nail strips along the whole top boarder , I have a 8 foot privacy fence & young black kids running from the cops were hopping my fence & I did this it took a week or 2 & I seen blood on my side of the fence & it did the trick I checked my cameras & sure enuff I seen a pair of hands grab then let go of the fence real quick they didn’t get over so the next week I put razor wire along with the carpet nail strips up , nobody messed with the fence.

  • ILoveHorses❤🐎


     9 months ago

    Three words: solar electrified fence. Light it up! 😉Works great for large live stock.

  • Chris Longski

    Chris Longski

     a years ago

    Uh, can you possibly get away from the Talking Head format ! PLEASE !!!

  • Patrick Faricy

    Patrick Faricy

     a years ago +1

    Hey David, Great points, lots to think about.
    Please comment on blankets and coats.
    Can you not simply defeat barbed wire, concertina wire and razor wire by throwing a blanket or carhartt coat over it, then climbing over?

  • Shit happened, what now?

    Shit happened, what now?

     a years ago

    Maybe someone already covered this...I think those "arms" are facing the wrong way. This project would slow down a mob, maybe act as a deterant. That said for the same amount of work and less money a thorny bush and some landscaping would also work. A ditch etc. The bush could be the kind that grows berries and provides habitat for food, eg rabbits. Some signs warning of dogs and shoot first policy may also act as a deterant. Personally I wonder how this impacts on wildlife in the area. I think it's great to share ideas, including constructive feedback, I hope you feel the same :)

  • M. Bhurt

    M. Bhurt

     a years ago

    Paranoia. 100%

  • HortonKansas


     a years ago

    Growing thick, thorny shrubs around your perimeter is a centuries old deterrent system that works. Pops grew roses and poison ivy on our east side fence-line we couldn't see.

  • Eben Ramos

    Eben Ramos

     a years ago

    Is it legal to dig Vietnamese punjie booby traps right inside your fence?

  • djsjjd15


     a years ago +1

    It makes me happy to see you idiots spending all of your money on something that will never happen. Keep praying and spending!!!!!!!!

  • Lionheart XVa

    Lionheart XVa

     a years ago

    No offense but your barbed wire fence and the gate are a joke. Anyone who was serious about it would get over there no problem. Even if I was in worse shape it would take me less than 30 seconds to clip the barbed wire in enough places to simply climb over it.

  • Jonathon Byron

    Jonathon Byron

     a years ago

    Oh shit young thug he wants to keep you out! lmao

  • Norman Suenaga

    Norman Suenaga

     a years ago

    ziz zag barbed wire on the ground 2 to 4" off t he groundworks great at night slows everyone down.

  • Mr D

    Mr D

     a years ago

    Tipp: You can also go really oldschool and plant thorn hedges (like blackberrys) or cactus.
    I also now a kind of nato barb wire on a wheel. You can use it to block stairwells, corridors and other stuff. Usually used to secure defense positions under knee level.