My Opinion on Halloween

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 28, 2016
  • spooooopy

    (and yes i did relisten to my endcard and im kinda just like wow i had no idea what i was saying but i had a good laugh about it. like why did i say "pardon me" lol whatever)

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    Music: Creepy March by FiluHalon
    Transition slides music is the Goosebumps theme lol

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D You get a spoop.
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  • SmolGamer Lol

    SmolGamer Lol

     3 hours ago


  • mustanggtr stangy

    mustanggtr stangy

     3 hours ago

    Jaiden Halloween 2020 be a werewolf for it and use the costume in your video with your style

  • Crazycookieplayz Cookies

    Crazycookieplayz Cookies

     6 hours ago

    I kinda don't like Halloween becuse YOU BUY A COSTUME AND LEAVE WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!

  • Rudy KnockKnock

    Rudy KnockKnock

     12 hours ago

    Same jaiden about the candy ok ok

  • Theo’s Random Videos

    Theo’s Random Videos

     13 hours ago

    Who else loves a nightmares before Christmas

  • Nate Orion

    Nate Orion

     13 hours ago

    Say something about the end of the underdog and the other parts

  • akouek3


     22 hours ago

    Decorating is the fun part for me lol

  • Ameryn Bates

    Ameryn Bates


    Like how you use the old goose bump tv show theme song

  • Kaitlyn Ann

    Kaitlyn Ann


    When I was 6, I was jigglypuff for Halloween and I know EXACTLY what kind of weird foam you’re talking about

  • Elijah Hieber

    Elijah Hieber


    One of those movies in the Christmas list was “the nightmare before Christmas“ 😂

  • Freddy Leon

    Freddy Leon


    8:22 You said pardon again. xD

  • Barackus



    Shame the blair witch didn’t do it for you. It is really good at building tension, and the ending is perfect. The marketing was done really well, too where they made it look like a real documentary. It’s not a great film to watch in a large group. Most horror films aren’t, really. Bad movies are perfect for watching in a large group, that’s where they shine!

  • Coffee Creams

    Coffee Creams


    those 7.6K dislikes are from members of a cult that worships Halloween and thinks its the best holiday regardless of your opinion

  • Witiful Weavile22

    Witiful Weavile22


    Tbh I am a big fan of Halloween. I completely understand your opinion to each there own. But I'm that weird kid/adult thing that still likes pokemon in there late teens. But on Halloween weird costumes are normal so whilst normally I feel the judgement seeping from the eyes of those around me just because I have a yoshi egg hat completely disappear as my mum takes me and my friends out with little kids and I'm in my pikachu oonzie with a deerstalker hat and a plastic magnifying glass.

    I also attend a youth club and for the past 3 years or so I AM halloween. I plan and organise most of it despite being one of the kids.

    I don't like scary movies or loud things tho I'm a wimp ^-^

  • Colin Studley

    Colin Studley


    Nightmare before Christmas is both
    I watch it on Halloween eve and in the middle of December
    Moral of the story, I don’t care

  • VWolfPlayer


     2 days ago

    Totally agree.
    In the last Halloween, I only went to a restaurant to take something and saw an espectacle where costumized actors represented a diversity stories of horror (Charles Dickens, H.P. Lovecraft, etc.). And the experience was amazing.
    Yep, I had a zombie costume, and I went as a zombie. But candies, visit haunting not my style.
    (Ok, I recognise that I saw the Joker's movie, but only this time because it had a good aspect. And the end card of this video it was very good, don't worry, Jaiden).

  • RJ Pearce

    RJ Pearce

     2 days ago +1


  • SJTsjt Husky

    SJTsjt Husky

     2 days ago

    I'm scarred for life :o 😱

  • Dillon Gimple

    Dillon Gimple

     2 days ago

    I love your interaction with undertale as in the Spaghetti and drawing

  • Janeen Hargrove

    Janeen Hargrove

     2 days ago

    Just say the nightmare before Christmas is BoTh