The *RANDOM SKIN* Challenge In Fortnite Battle Royale!

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
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  • Quinten Moises

    Quinten Moises

     6 hours ago +19

    > >
    > >

  • xxWASH8URNxx _games_

    xxWASH8URNxx _games_

     18 hours ago

    You missed a gold gun

  • AJ Phillips

    AJ Phillips

     19 hours ago


  • Aidin Mohtar

    Aidin Mohtar


    Ya know shits about to go down when the outro music is playing

  • Ellie Grey

    Ellie Grey

     2 days ago

    Not all defaults are bad some just don’t want to spend money on v bucks, thank you very much

  • Noah Punch

    Noah Punch

     3 days ago

    A shotgun only

  • Yusuf Daugherty

    Yusuf Daugherty

     4 days ago +2


  • Jeffy Jeffy Deefy Poo poo

    Jeffy Jeffy Deefy Poo poo

     4 days ago

    Hunting rifle use to suck ,but season 6 the buff is really op

  • sss ghosty

    sss ghosty

     6 days ago

    Muselk:has enough skins to do random skin challenge
    Me: has 5 skins and only uses 3

  • Crazy Cat

    Crazy Cat

     6 days ago

    It’s called vertex btw

  • XX Atshow XX

    XX Atshow XX

     7 days ago


  • Marcel Kovacs

    Marcel Kovacs

     7 days ago

    You make the best vids ever

  • Elizabeth Zeng

    Elizabeth Zeng

     8 days ago


  • Andrew Cooper

    Andrew Cooper

     8 days ago

    wtf happend 18:23? does anyone know? Muselk?

  • Zak Plays

    Zak Plays

     8 days ago

    Hi I’m chase

  • MrPubbyTubby- Fortnite

    MrPubbyTubby- Fortnite

     9 days ago

    He only did one skin ;(

  • Dabbing Boi

    Dabbing Boi

     10 days ago

    13:01 is pennywise there?
    (edited:pause and u will see a red balloon)

  • Isaiah Ross

    Isaiah Ross

     10 days ago

    Only zombie weapons

  • Eros Diaz

    Eros Diaz

     10 days ago

    The first game was amazing

  • C vs. D

    C vs. D

     11 days ago

    I forgot this was a random skin challenge