BHAD BHABIE feat. Kodak Black "Bestie" (Official Puppet Lyric Video) | Danielle Bregoli

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Bestie music video was too violent for some of you scary biches so here u go. Puppet frenz twerking..with a bear?? 🤡Stream BESTIE feat. Kodak Black NOW at 👯‍♀️ BESTIE MUSIC VIDEO

    song produced by D.A. Doman

    Directed by Damion Dietz
    Editor Greg Romano

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  • Bhad Bhabie

    Bhad Bhabie

     6 months ago +1190

    which video freaks u biches out more.. official bestie vid or this one?? 🤣 Stream BESTIE feat. Kodak Black 🔪

  • ? T ø x ï č ¿

    ? T ø x ï č ¿

     21 days ago

    I feel like Danielle’s puppet is the only one that’s not having a seizure

  • Gaming Fiamgiy KARMA Many

    Gaming Fiamgiy KARMA Many

     a months ago

    chtey mqurie qpzyeakzb

  • Kaz


     a months ago

    lmaooo i like the puppets XD

  • XAlanaX XD

    XAlanaX XD

     2 months ago

    Yoo I wanna meet you But my mom will beat me the fuck up if she know I listen to you but you THAT BITCH! That I love so do you sis シ💕

  • Singing Girl

    Singing Girl

     2 months ago

    Ayyyyyyyy bitchesssssss yasssss

  • Alizzy / 95lies

    Alizzy / 95lies

     2 months ago

    This is what I watch at 4am 😂

  • Regina


     2 months ago


  • Zahara Cartwright

    Zahara Cartwright

     2 months ago

    If sesame street was for 13+

  • Yasmine Pooh

    Yasmine Pooh

     2 months ago

    muppets has left the chat

  • hortonraven


     2 months ago


  • Joey Peeps

    Joey Peeps

     2 months ago

    Why am I just see this now? And it's under a million 🤔 verws..

  • Mer Bearkitten

    Mer Bearkitten

     3 months ago

    Go bestie. Love u danielle

  • Felix Foto

    Felix Foto

     3 months ago

    You can tell y'all fake cause I can see the sticks moving your hands. It's like you ain't even tryin to cover that up.

  • Johanna Cortez

    Johanna Cortez

     3 months ago +2

    Love this song

  • Yung Guap

    Yung Guap

     3 months ago

    Do u know how freaking funny dat shizzel was

  • Y Justin

    Y Justin

     3 months ago

    I never seen this episode of seseme street

  • Y Justin

    Y Justin

     3 months ago

    React to don't hug ms I'm scared

  • Zelyk


     3 months ago

    Who else thinks kodaks puppet looks better than him?

  • Baatile Lekeka

    Baatile Lekeka

     4 months ago

    Wow best meme