Julian Newman GETS HEATED Vs TRASH TALKER At Venice Beach!! Drops 35 Points and Shows Off HANDLES!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
  • Julian Newman took his talents to LA this past weekend to play in the Venice Basketball League and play against street ball pros. He dropped a smooth 35 piece with extra sauce. Things got a lil heated but that didn't stop the Newman show in Venice.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/HxQ8YQaNn7c


  • rence bonsa

    rence bonsa

     a months ago

    Where can i find their jersey layout?? Anyone??

  • Renata Anisa

    Renata Anisa

     2 months ago

    excessive dwarf

  • Timmy Shimmy

    Timmy Shimmy

     2 months ago

    I feel like smaller people always feel as though they have something to prove, when in reality they don’t. :/



     2 months ago

    Que pena que sea un enano engreido

  • pearl louise

    pearl louise

     2 months ago

    There’s always the white guy with the headband on the street court🤣

  • gd131


     2 months ago

    Too bad with his attitude and height he will never make it to the nba.

  • John Eduard Bamba

    John Eduard Bamba

     2 months ago +1

    Newman maybe thinking before bedtime "I am so damn small"

  • Rafael Martinez

    Rafael Martinez

     2 months ago

    Whats the song at 1:09

  • HaynerJ


     2 months ago

    One thing that I can't stand about Julian is that when he starts getting clamped up, he throws his head back right after he creates body contact to get a foul smh

  • Joshua Adkins

    Joshua Adkins

     2 months ago

    If he focuses more on passing he could be much better. You can see the potential with some of his dimes

  • Robert Shelton

    Robert Shelton

     2 months ago

    But where’s the 35 points🧐??

  • Ween Fain

    Ween Fain

     2 months ago +1

    He needs to street ball bc in a regulated game he’s only a spot shooter who does way too much with the ball and can’t pull any defenders/spread the floor to set up other teammates. He’s not a great passer. He has too much head movement and hesitation and goes nowhere. He’ll cross over and go right back where he was. For someone his height he has to take advantage of his speed and that first step off the dribble, and he doesn’t. He’s fast and can shoot but other than that, no good.

  • yurex_bear


     2 months ago +1

    Bruh this is perfect for julian newman

  • allan rodriguez

    allan rodriguez

     2 months ago

    That's that xxxtentacion shit

  • GoodVibes


     2 months ago

    If he was at least 6’3 he’d be a problem

  • carlos lopez

    carlos lopez

     2 months ago

    Number 8 that was messing with Newman got shitted on dude didn’t score one point 😂 garbage piece of shit

  • Shoe Review

    Shoe Review

     2 months ago

    :34 is the best part. You all thought he was going to play defence lol

  • 99 Coyote Swap

    99 Coyote Swap

     2 months ago

    Too small and a liability on defense..

  • Cayden McGinnis

    Cayden McGinnis

     2 months ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Cool Harris

    Cool Harris

     2 months ago

    I would’ve blocked tf out every weak azz lay up he is showing the ball before jumping.