try-on clothing haul! it's back to school time?

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 30, 2018
  • it's back to school time? summer just started?
    but i'm definitely here for the back to school shopping and hauls...
    some clothes I got and did a little try-on for the 2018-2019 school year! senior year here i come...

    lol YAY! what grade are you going into i'm curious!

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     23 hours ago

    What camera does she use??

  • Yah_boo



    I’m the intro it sounded like she said tana😂

  • Bella Kemp

    Bella Kemp

     3 days ago

    If that was me I would actually cry 😭😂

  • ThOgGinger Cat

    ThOgGinger Cat

     6 days ago

    How much money does dote have

  • jane eyre

    jane eyre

     24 days ago +1

    The white converse is so cute

  • jane eyre

    jane eyre

     24 days ago +1

    I liked the orange sweater

  • jane eyre

    jane eyre

     24 days ago +1

    I like you Hannah 😍😘😥😆😣

  • Xo Xo

    Xo Xo

     1 months ago +2

    So this isn’t me hating on Hannah, and ik this vid is kind of old now, but I just want to say to that there are a lot of other people who could use that $5000 on clothes. Hannah works hard on her videos and for her coin but let’s be honest she doesn’t need more money for clothes. Certainly however, people have much much less than her. I think dote should have definitely acknowledged that. I mean can’t they donate the money to a kids charity for clothes of just give one person a once in a lifetime amazing shopping spree? Idk it seems messed up.

  • Laleeee0000


     1 months ago

    **shows dress**
    hannah: I am SO obsessed with this dress, it has little flowers and it's a one piece but in the back it has this"
    **shows shirt**
    hannah: I am SO obsessed with this shirt"

  • Laleeee0000


     1 months ago

    lol everything looks good for u

  • Theresa Dolan

    Theresa Dolan

     1 months ago

    wait how'd she win the dote credit giveaway

  • Isanne Halderen

    Isanne Halderen

     1 months ago

    Yeaah i would love an outfit video💕💕

  • Anna Mcginlay

    Anna Mcginlay

     1 months ago

    For five freaking months I’m dead literally🤣

  • Deborah Garcia

    Deborah Garcia

     1 months ago

    That’s so awesome! I literally have like $900 dollars of stuff in my dote cart that I can’t afford lol

  • Nia Espiritu

    Nia Espiritu

     1 months ago

    ahhh 1M congratssss

  • A Weir

    A Weir

     1 months ago

    I'm obsessed with the light pink velvet shoes! You didn't say where you got them from!

  • Valeria Portillo Tobar

    Valeria Portillo Tobar

     2 months ago

    🌚this is off topic but this kind of looks like Tomas the train

  • claire lyons

    claire lyons

     2 months ago

    I’m SO jelly

  • alacarteno


     2 months ago

    short hair would look so good on you !!!! like a lob or even shorter i feel like there's a unique haircut out there that'll look so so good on you

  • Iza Norström Johansson

    Iza Norström Johansson

     2 months ago

    I’m thinking of buying Doc Martens for fall but are they comfy? Like will my feet hurt?? Super anxious if I should get them or not :/ would you recommend them??