My First Game Of Realm Royale! - Ninja & TimTheTatman

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 7, 2018
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  • Ninja


     a years ago +6873

    Still trying this game out and playing some with Summit Come hang out and watch!

  • michael McEnroe

    michael McEnroe


    Me and my friend quit fortnite and now we play this its lit

  • Jeremy Nachtman

    Jeremy Nachtman


    Why the fuck is he not disenchanting, first time playing or not, it's pretty obvious. Just annoyed me lol

  • Ethangamer 101

    Ethangamer 101


    Um are you gonna play fornite ever again iam but if epic remove the Mach’s

  • David Simon T. QUIMING

    David Simon T. QUIMING

     2 days ago +1

    The first thing to ever live probably was like: 10:01

  • Tim Playz

    Tim Playz

     3 days ago

    "first game" has 3 wins..

  • Benjamin Stewart

    Benjamin Stewart

     4 days ago

    I won the first game I played. The games cake work

  • David Simon T. QUIMING

    David Simon T. QUIMING

     4 days ago +1

    As a paladins player realm royale looks fun man

  • Iqram Hamdani TV

    Iqram Hamdani TV

     6 days ago

    play realm royale better update now and better graphics

  • Rowdy 4 Life

    Rowdy 4 Life

     7 days ago

    This game has bots

  • Larry Farrow

    Larry Farrow

     7 days ago

    Add my psn biggavellkb24

  • chipchip135


     14 days ago

    play this game and friend chipchip13524

  • RadioJHAlex sk1n

    RadioJHAlex sk1n

     14 days ago

    You should play this more than fortnite

  • Stocks Up

    Stocks Up

     14 days ago

    This game looks trash

  • gamerpro89 98

    gamerpro89 98

     14 days ago

    Hello ninja and uaccing I Dr 2019

  • Gacha life CRAZY

    Gacha life CRAZY

     14 days ago

    I was watching this video and I’m in a game with you now

  • Faded Tiger

    Faded Tiger

     14 days ago

    I dont see how there can be a lawsuit just because theres another battle royale game where people drop onto the map from the sky...if epic sues over that, theyre just fucking petty.

  • Horia Gaming

    Horia Gaming

     21 days ago +1

    Ninja :hoo....i kill my horse

    *Revive *

  • Ariya Hadavi

    Ariya Hadavi

     21 days ago +1

    My first game I had 12kills solo squads

  • Waikiki HoundDawg

    Waikiki HoundDawg

     21 days ago

    I played this on Nintendo Switch and all I'll say is, they need to deactivate cross platform with Switch lol. Absolutely at the largest disadvantage.