Lane Bryant Try-On Haul |Suits & BOOTS|

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 11, 2018
  • Items Shown:
    Slouch Boots -
    Black Faux Suede Boots -
    Brown Faux Leather Boots -
    Pink Sweater -
    Faux Fur Scarf -
    Purple Allie Pants -
    Silver Allie Pants -
    Tuxedo Blazer -
    Double Breasted Blazer -
    High Rise Jeans -
    Mid-Rise Jeans -

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  • Ludicrous crane

    Ludicrous crane

     5 months ago

    Damn. Thickness 😍

  • Jessica Colon

    Jessica Colon

     6 months ago

    I used to LOVE LB but they are so pricey and some of the stuff is more mature. I will say they have phenomenal quality. I have jeans and work pants that have lasted for YEARS and they have some of the best bras out there for plus size women.

  • Annaleesah Kaylor

    Annaleesah Kaylor

     7 months ago

    Isn’t Lane Bryant like 14/16, 18/20... sizing?

  • Emily Simons

    Emily Simons

     8 months ago

    LOVE Lane Bryant!! Thank you ❤️

  • Jackie Sue

    Jackie Sue

     8 months ago

    I'm in my 50's and wish wish wish LB would do "younger" looking styles...even I'm not ready for the "old" lady look! You made some great choices here....I guess I need to look at LB with new eyes! Anymore, I feel like LB is hit or miss on quality, which is disappointing when we pay the price we have to pay. I just ran across your channel....I'm going to go off and watch more of your videos. I love seeing in person how others mix and match pieces....keep the videos coming!

  • Loveable Dominique

    Loveable Dominique

     9 months ago

    The pants you were wearing in the first 5 mins of the video can be saved. I also hate that award cutoff so I cuff them up (one or two flips should make a nice looking cuff at the bottom)

  • Amanda Harpe

    Amanda Harpe

     9 months ago

    The length on the pants for the first outfit I think looks great with the heals. I love it! 💕

  • anglndsguise950


     10 months ago

    Yayyy so excited you did this haul. I am a low budget shopper but I consistently shop there because of the quality. Clearance is clutch and there are always so many coupons!

  • Tasha Banks

    Tasha Banks

     10 months ago

    I love lb more please

  • Jennifer Dominguez

    Jennifer Dominguez

     10 months ago

    Glad that you did a haul on Lane Bryant! I’m going on 5 years working with the company and I do myself OOTD on Instagram. Lane Bryant is on the pricey side but there’s always coupons on Lane Bryant website ladies so don’t ever feel like you have to pay full price

  • Md Zool

    Md Zool

     10 months ago


  • Katt Lomeli

    Katt Lomeli

     10 months ago

    I LOVE !!! This makeup look on you Sarah 🧡

  • isabel marmolejo

    isabel marmolejo

     10 months ago

    Please do another Lane Bryant haul!!!

  • Mandy Higgins

    Mandy Higgins

     10 months ago

    I was so turned off by thinking Lane Bryant was all “old fat lady clothes” but it is soooooo goooooooddddd! I love everything from there and can buy work and casual there!

  • brokegirlbeauty18


     10 months ago

    Pretty disappointed you didn't AT LEAST attempt to go to an actual store. LB isnt just about the clothes but service as well. Just wish you would ask a worker when you need help or have questions especially with the ankle pants. If you came to my store I would've found you 5 million other things and you wouldnt have spent $800 thats for sure. I love a good deal!

  • HayHay C

    HayHay C

     10 months ago

    Lane Bryant expensive but their underwear and bras are woorrrrth it

  • bella watkins

    bella watkins

     10 months ago

    best video you've had so far! Keep shopping at Lane Bryant. I wouldn't keep the first pair of pants because they're too short and looked uncomfortable. I really liked the slouch boots you tried on last. I think they really looked cute on you. Will have to give LB a try! thanks!

  • kathleen b_

    kathleen b_

     11 months ago

    Where’s the lace top from?

  • kathleen b_

    kathleen b_

     11 months ago

    I’d love to see you try Maurice’s! They’re a sister store to Lane Bryant and they have extended sizes in a totally different style than the Lane Bryant usual.

  • Kamulah


     11 months ago

    I love watching all these clothing collection videos. I wouldn't mind if you did another one. But frankly, don't really care cuz there's no way in hell I'm paying that much for stuff like jeans even with the discount. I complain over old Navy jeans prices. I would have had to have lost my damn mind spending this much!! Love your videos though