Polished Japanese Foil Ball Challenge - FarmCraft Style

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 16, 2018
  • I take on the Japanese foil ball challenge using my arsenal of tools to help. Nice result, but it didn't come easy!


  • Source: https://youtu.be/IAr45FZ8jms


  • FarmCraft101


     a months ago +65

    See the fate of the foil ball here: https://youtu.be/vMQbs0m0aDA

  • WasabiiBean


     an hour ago

    Put it in the press

  • daniel balboa

    daniel balboa

     2 hours ago

    use it as a cannon ball

  • Bob Muchael

    Bob Muchael

     2 hours ago

    You should shoot it with a 300. Ultra mag.

  • Virginia Gibbs

    Virginia Gibbs

     2 hours ago

    Keep it

  • Dj kyng

    Dj kyng

     3 hours ago

    I get why it sound like metal it’s aluminum foil it’s just very thin soft aluminum

  • King Ammonite

    King Ammonite

     4 hours ago +2

    Sees intro:
    Already subscribing.

    Also that was weird how it created a void in the middle.

  • bp bomber

    bp bomber

     5 hours ago

    Shot it out of o canon

  • SundownBlazer


     5 hours ago

    Pretty cool

  • Sock Broker

    Sock Broker

     7 hours ago

    Shove it up adam schiffs ass

  • Bot And Milk

    Bot And Milk

     7 hours ago

    you should stick it up ur ass

  • Siminthesky


     9 hours ago

    what are you using such ball for? looks like a Jeu de boule gameball or on a stick it might keep emf radiation away?

  • Frank Wall

    Frank Wall

     9 hours ago

    Make a cannon and shoot it out!

  • Fabrizio Dutto

    Fabrizio Dutto

     11 hours ago

    How many alluminium foil package has been used to obtain the ball?

  • AmorousAgony LoveHurts

    AmorousAgony LoveHurts

     11 hours ago

    What's with the music? All you did was cast aluminum. That's what the name of the video should have been called.

  • Keith Brown

    Keith Brown

     12 hours ago

    Very Very Nice. Shoot It

  • Aidan Johnston

    Aidan Johnston


    Shoot things with it

  • FRez


     yesterday +7

    "That's cool, it even sounds like metal."

    Aluminum is metal.

  • Charles Hines

    Charles Hines


    Now I feel like watching the Phantasm movies hehehe

  • M1DW35T M45T4

    M1DW35T M45T4

     yesterday +1

    So pretty much you sucked and didnt do it and then cheated to feel better about yourself? Weak.