Traditional vs Trans: Are There More Than 2 Genders?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
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  • Tori Collins

    Tori Collins

     2 months ago +4070

    They should’ve included men on the traditional side, missing the male perspective on this leaves this unbalanced for me.

  • Alexander de Sévaux

    Alexander de Sévaux

     1 months ago +2360

    There’s only one gender:
    “It’s Nerf or nothing.”

  • Jurnee Jurn

    Jurnee Jurn

     21 days ago +1460

    This video got messed up because no one actually made the distinction between sex and gender.

  • TheMaroonWalrus


     21 days ago +828

    Damn, I feel like gender and sex both needed to be defined here. Also the lack of a traditional male I think hurt the conversation.

  • D T

    D T

     21 days ago +520

    Playin it reeeal safe with no straight guys...

  • Nisha Sharma

    Nisha Sharma

     3 months ago +7951

    Why didn't they ask "are sex and gender the same?" I think that would have been a powerful question.

  • Patricija Tīna Rodina

    Patricija Tīna Rodina

     1 months ago +1704

    Rebecca’s logic: girls can be tomboys and behave more masculine
    Anyone: how about boys behaving more feminine?
    Rebecca: ...

  • David Wallace

    David Wallace

     1 months ago +967

    I couldn’t be on this show unfortunately
    I’m too blunt and insulting 😂😂🤣😂

  • csonkaperdido


     28 days ago +636

    You guys REALLY need to do these in other cities than LA.
    LA is not a good "cross sample" of America.
    If you REALLY want to make change, go to Alabama and have these conversations... One of the trans people said something about the people in middle America.
    I can almost guarantee they've never even seen "middle America"
    LA is a bubble... Get out in the real world and have these conversations.

  • malvin flores

    malvin flores

     1 months ago +162

    Straight A Students vs “Below Average” Students

  • creativelyImpulsive [CI]

    creativelyImpulsive [CI]

     1 months ago +361

    Sis looks SO young?? I didn’t know she was above her thirties ! I need her to tell me what she’s doing 👀

  • skinnae


     1 months ago +266

    i can't be the only who remembers that Kytia from the Do all Christians think the same video

  • Yanuel Garcia

    Yanuel Garcia

     21 days ago +164

    i’m so upset they didn’t touch the “sex and gender” topic.

  • Billy A

    Billy A

     1 months ago +260

    Oh god they brought the yellow jacket girl on again.

  • Jess Legati

    Jess Legati

     2 months ago +1946

    Man these topics are really risky and every time I click to watch a video I get really scared.

  • Honey. dewz

    Honey. dewz

     21 days ago +198

    HA! In my house…if my dad tries to be the head of the household my mom will hit him with the chancla

  • Steven Dedvukaj

    Steven Dedvukaj

     1 months ago +150

    Pro abortion vs against abortion there’s gonna be some beef there

  • chefboyardhillan


     14 days ago +59

    6:22 “you just don’t see us” hahaha so true.
    People act like trans has a certain look, but you’ve probably walked past so many thinking they were cis.

  • Salma K

    Salma K

     1 months ago +326

    bruh they just completely ignored the fact that intersex people exist

  • Finn G

    Finn G

     4 months ago +11026

    really need to start putting blindfolds on these people cos they're just following the crowd half the time