Traditional vs Trans: Are There More Than 2 Genders?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
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  • mike obrien

    mike obrien

     an hour ago

    Imagine calling people that identify with their biological gender "traditional". Makes it sound like it isn't the norm for 99% of people.

  • Jacob Hord

    Jacob Hord

     an hour ago

    Look down. Do you see a penis? If so you're a male. If not, you're a female. End of conversation. Why is this even debatable?

  • Junior Pagan

    Junior Pagan

     an hour ago

    IMO...there are 2 genders and within those 2 genders there there is a spectrum some men may lean to a more feminine way of acting/thinking and vice versa...your still a male just you know you lean to that side of the spectrum.

  • Aathan Raan

    Aathan Raan

     an hour ago

    Girls and Boys should be raised the same? No.
    There are only two genders? Yes. No matter what you change, how you dress or how you act, you can not change that fact.
    -Yes, there is a spectrum when it comes to Masculinity and Femininity, this does not mean there is a spectrum on gender. What you are doing is hijacking the label gender and equating it to masculine and feminine.
    - It is not at all difficult to point out a transgender.
    I should be allowed to use the bathroom that matches my gender identity? Only if your identity is what you were born as or you did a full transition.
    Gender should not be based on how you feel? Yes. You can not change who you are biologically just because you feel you are not what you were born as.
    -Of course you dont chose your gender, nature does that for you.
    I would support my child if they were trans? Of course, but I wouldn't allow them to change themselves with drugs or surgery till they turned 18. It would be the same as supporting them with getting a tattoo, but wouldn't allow it till they turned 18.

    Rebecca and Cetine are quite beautiful.

  • moif _velocita

    moif _velocita

     3 hours ago

    Sex and gender are now seen as two different things. You can be biologically male, but gendered as female. This is not activism. This is the science that explains why and how transgendered people exist.

  • nightelf4


     5 hours ago

    There is a difference between sex and gender. It may seem pedantic to know the difference but knowing them is important to understanding what is fair vs what is moral.

  • Michael Gathany

    Michael Gathany

     6 hours ago

    I’m am of the firm belief that biological gender and gender identity are two very different things. I also believe there are two genders. You can be either one, but there is no in-between grey area. That’s my two cents. I know no one asked for it but I felt like sharing.

  • Mac Angus

    Mac Angus

     6 hours ago

    3:58 sex and gender is different lady, learn the difference

  • Michael Gathany

    Michael Gathany

     6 hours ago

    Sometimes I hate the people they chose for these. How do I get myself in these videos.

  • DLKnightstick1989


     6 hours ago

    The one dude turned chick still looks like the lead singer of AFI, so. There's that.

  • Jake Hoodock

    Jake Hoodock

     7 hours ago

    If there are only 2 genders, how come 1 in 500 people are born with XXY Chromosomes? How can an XXY person be an XX Female or an XY male if they have 47 Chromosomes? If only XX Females and XY Males exist, why are there so many Chromosomal variations? XXY, XXYY, XXX, XXXY, YYX the list goes on. These are true 3rd genders. Trans may identify as a different Gender, but the chromosomes will remain the same. but there are many people out there, who have more than 46 Chromosomes, so regardless of opinion, it is a FACT that there are more than 2 genders.

  • Flux


     8 hours ago

    That ain't "Rebecca", thats Riley Reid

  • Ramon Owens

    Ramon Owens

     10 hours ago

    Did she say something like all male or just males are predators cuz that’s obviously not true it’s just the majority of the cases the thing with the stalls is just guys done care if girls see their dicks tbh 😂

  • Mai Le Ngoc Hoa

    Mai Le Ngoc Hoa

     10 hours ago

    I’m traditional but I mostly disagree with the traditional side though 2/10.
    Please equal gender ratio next time because this video are more feminine discussions of this topic.

  • mia laporta

    mia laporta

     10 hours ago +1

    11:22 ofc it’s worth it for them, she obviously doesn’t understand how they don’t feel like themselves. u are ur own person, u can change anything about urself, or identify as whatever u want, and ppl should respect and support u.

  • mia laporta

    mia laporta

     10 hours ago +1

    why are there still ppl who are bothered by what someone identifies as, why don’t we just support each other, sorry but its almost 2020, why is what they choose to identify as have anything to do with u or effect u in any way?

  • Jordi Nieves

    Jordi Nieves

     11 hours ago

    Gender dysphoria is sad

  • Josh Krawczyk

    Josh Krawczyk

     12 hours ago

    How is this a question. Guys are guys and girls are girls period end of story

  • Viking MGTOW

    Viking MGTOW

     12 hours ago

    when a transgender person dies and in 100 years some person digs up the transgender skeleton what will be said according to bone structure and autonomy ?? can they see its a transgender or will they say it's a male or female .... and to the black woman who transitioned to male say I was raised Christian and I still am Christian NO your not if you believe the Bibel then you believe in god the almighty as a creator and you just pissed on his desition that your a female and think ell fuck him I know better

  • Talia Letkeman

    Talia Letkeman

     12 hours ago

    Girl/boy he/she I don’t even care if people refer to themselves as unicorns... gender to IS how you feel.
    but I very much dislike it when people deny that sex and gender aren’t different things.
    Males have more muscle density... females muscles tend to heal faster. There are just differences. And people need to accept it the science along with these changing gender norms and titles.