How an Ivern main Hits rank 1 in NA

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 12, 2018
  • No one wants to play Ivern because he's boring and not exciting. However Ivern is good enough to hit rank 1 on.
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  • sad

     1 years ago

    every time he says doink machine i cry

  • Assassin XX7

     3 months ago


  • Mister Hamlicrazy123

     4 months ago

    Just a little?

  • brassard15

     1 years ago

    DOINKMACHINE96: Ivern’d this rank one spot.

  • Lloyd Ivan Andal

     2 months ago


  • A Box

     3 months ago

    I recently made an Ivern-only account, and that's the name I went for "Iverned Bronze 2"

  • Lucky Fox

     1 years ago

    All of these Challenger Rank 1 strategies only work if your teammates actually know how to play the game.

  • Chavez Clemons Jr.

     1 months ago

    "All of these Challenger Rank 1 strategies only work if **you** actually know how to play the game."There, I Fixed That For You.

  • Levi Wright

     6 months ago

    "all of these Challenger rank 1 strategies only work if your teammates actually know how to play the game"You mean like.. if your other teammates are also Challenger?? *Mindblown*It's an informative video, he's not telling people to go out and play this in bronze. He's saying this is what made Doink different than other players.

  • frostshock13

     1 years ago

    Everytime you say that name it makes me laugh.

  • Funny Clips

     7 months ago


  • Straughtlife

     1 years ago

    It's fucking nice out

  • hi im wolf

     1 years ago

    Those kind of videos makes me wanna try this shit,but then i fail and im hardstuck d5 help me

  • Kavou

     1 years ago

    I main malphite and morgana and I literally play with only these 2 champions. Malphite on top and Morgana(going ap and carry with ignite) as support or mid. Both have amazing cc, great Tfs and amazingly strong stats and spells. I'm Master on 189 lp atm and was Master on prev seasons.Keep playing champions with great ccs, tanky and always have a healthy attitude,you are what you think and if you think you will lose in the end you will.

  • BadgerUKvideo

     1 years ago

    Try the NA server. You can go up several tiers playing on NA. They only have a handful of Europeans/ Koreans to compete against.

  • Jacob Nguyen

     1 years ago

    Noooo don't expose my champ😢😢😢

  • Stanley NoMeRcY

     6 months ago

    Jacob Nguyen lol

  • Weak Mill

     6 months ago

    all these ppl saying there ranks, but no one posting links? 🤔it not hard either pretty simple too, i wonder why? 🤔 maybe they're lying um?

  • Mr. Staff

     1 years ago

    What's next? Tank Soraka with 300% HP Regen making it to Rank 1?

  • Jonathan Cabanas

     4 months ago

    Warmogs spirit visage is the only two items raka needs to win

  • Unetéro Kenora

     5 months ago

    I used to build tank warmog soraka for infinite healing '-')

  • Hodor

     1 years ago

    10:19 u can hear Dong Huap whispering redemption

  • Cabbage Lord

     11 months ago

    that was fucking creepy

  • Astio Rimasto

     1 years ago

    i was wondering why and if anyone noticed it like me lmao! Also that was creepy to hear in my max volume headphones lol

  • Zetsuuga

     1 years ago

    Delete this. I don't want people playing Ivern and feeding my ranked games thanks.

  • Labelfull

     6 months ago

    Ur just bad shut the fuck up

  • Chinese Chair

     6 months ago

    What do you mean? Ivern players doesn't always feed in ranked , they're the same as other Champ's player . And when they feel like buying Ivern they wouldn't test him out on a ranked game.

  • Mattheos

     1 years ago

    Hi @Dong Huap, I am an Ivern content creator and interviewed Fragas (Doinkmachine96) where he answers a lot of questions people might have about how he got Rank 1. Personally, I think this is a great video on Ivern's current playstyle and thanks for sharing some love for the Candy King! :)