This Strange Dog Started Following Couple On Hike — Then They See What's Written On His Collar

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 1, 2018
  • Scott Brown was leading an expedition to a local beauty spot in Washington state when he noticed a dog ahead on the trail. The animal promptly started following the group as they continued on their hike. Then, when Brown finally checked the canine’s collar, he suddenly realized why.

    For over five years, Brown has called Seattle, WA, home. However, while he may be a city boy, his heart is in the great outdoors. Luckily then, Brown finds plenty of opportunities to return to nature, particularly through his involvement with the group Recovery Beyond Paradigm.

    Since early 2017, Recovery Beyond Paradigm has been helping people struggling with homelessness and substance addiction through their recovery process. To do so, the non-profit group adopts what it calls “unconventional” methods, which includes offering hiking training.

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  • James Hanley

    James Hanley

     4 months ago

    Love it!!! GOD gave us dogs to show us how to love!!

  • Budi Marcello Lesiangi

    Budi Marcello Lesiangi

     4 months ago

    Smokey the forest ranger dog...

  • mr. majestic

    mr. majestic

     4 months ago

    Man that was a loooonng crappy story and most probably 100% BS.

  • Neil Proctor

    Neil Proctor

     4 months ago

    C'mon get on with it ...

  • Susan Varelli

    Susan Varelli

     6 months ago

    Love this story just beautiful

  • Joe Turnip

    Joe Turnip

     7 months ago

    You could have told that story in one minute.... Tell the Dodo.....

  • rascalferret


     8 months ago

    I wash I could do this for my dog...

  • Melinda de los Santos

    Melinda de los Santos

     8 months ago


  • Just Saying

    Just Saying

     9 months ago


  • Phillip Lopez

    Phillip Lopez

     9 months ago

    A dog must have purpose !

  • no name

    no name

     9 months ago

    Omg how sweet stay safe cute dog ♥️🐕🇬🇧

  • scoobidie bop

    scoobidie bop

     9 months ago

    How is this nearly a 6 minute video? Like wtf?

  • Gio Da GOAT

    Gio Da GOAT

     9 months ago

    What kind of pose is that 3:15

  • Marilyn Newman

    Marilyn Newman

     10 months ago

    My parents were in Washington not long before Mt St Helens. A man there told them the day before a newly Married couple asked someone to take their picture. He kept telling them to step back until there was no more back. They fell to their deaths. Let this be a warning to you. Tell the camera guy to step back.

  • albert hall

    albert hall

     10 months ago

    dear dear

  • Diamond be laughing

    Diamond be laughing

     10 months ago

    Smokey use to be a human don't @ me

  • William Wright

    William Wright

     10 months ago


  • Joseph Liang

    Joseph Liang

     10 months ago

    A doggy sherpa

  • Shiela Jarvis

    Shiela Jarvis

     10 months ago

    Great story!

  • LikaForShort


     10 months ago

    It says the dog likes to follow hickers and not to take him because he is loved