Hermitcraft 6: Episode 38 - BIG BASE PROGRESS

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 22, 2018
  • Hermitcraft 6: Episode 38 - BIG BASE PROGRESS in todays minecraft hermitcraft we work on the base a bit more! Plans are in order.. and a ceasefire has taken place.. I also need to talk to you all about the comments...#minecraft #hermitcraft
  • Source: https://youtu.be/IHOSTtCvJvc


  • Kylie Shellenbarger

    Kylie Shellenbarger

     7 months ago +1753

    I love how Grian is the new guy and he immediately steps up as general in the war

  • Karen Lau

    Karen Lau

     1 months ago +680

    Grian = The New Guy
    Also Grian: creates the most iconic moments in Hermitcraft history

  • Just Me Here

    Just Me Here

     2 months ago +2007

    Parrot: (Sits on Grian's shoulder)
    Grian: (hapiness noises)
    Edit: Thanks for all the likes!!! <3

  • Thomas Greene

    Thomas Greene

     2 months ago +760

    “It’s been a few days and all we’ve got is a flag... so we’re gonna need a few more days so we can build a bigger flag.”
    That one got me XD

  • DharaknLC


     2 months ago +798

    "am i gonna hit"
    famous last words

  • WolfAuraMaster


     8 months ago +2213

    I never knew Grian watched JadienAnimations

  • Critical Hit

    Critical Hit

     1 months ago +493

    “Am I gonna hi-?”
    *Hits ground at maximum velocity*

  • RafKoaster


     2 months ago +483

    Can you put mumbo on your side because remember ARCHITECHS!

  • Donny Brock

    Donny Brock

     2 months ago +117

    Grian: heres you secret santa -G
    Do you know what secret santa is

  • Shooketh to Death

    Shooketh to Death

     2 months ago +322

    ZombieCleo's laugh is literally the best thing I've ever heard.. Sorry lol

  • zombielizard218


     2 months ago +277

    22:58: The Nations of the World gather to sign the Geneva Convention, Ca. 1949, Colorized.

  • Necrozma Productions

    Necrozma Productions

     4 months ago +161

    top ten references in youtube videos to other youtubers: 1. Grian referencing Jadien Animations' pet bird Ari with a blue parrot of the same name in minecraft. Overall reference points: 10/10.

  • SkywalkerII


     6 months ago +174

    Me: I think I am good at building.
    Watches this video
    Me: Ima delete minecraft

  • JingleMallet


     3 months ago +175

    The timing of that storm was beyond perfect

  • Bluecrafter 007

    Bluecrafter 007

     8 months ago +2345

    Everyone! like this so Grian can tell Poultry Man! due to the fact that you can now rapid throw items on the ground in 1.13, if you change your right-click key to a keyboard key (like v or x or k, etc.) you can literally throw eggs at the speed of a GATLING GUN. it's hilarious and would work perfect for poultry man!
    Edit: HOLY CRAP THIS COMMENT LITERALLY BLEW UP! thank you guys so much! also note: if you don't get it at first, it may be because you were pressing another button while you were trying. if you are trying to run and throw eggs for example, hold down w ctrl and the key youre throwing with all at once. if you still have trouble, remember you have to hold down the button!

  • Kendal Pease

    Kendal Pease

     2 months ago +485

    Grian-Thousands and thousands of manually collected blocks
    Automated concrete farm- Am I a joke to you?



     4 months ago +248

    16:44 "This Kerfuckafuffle" who ever who said that you are amazing

  • GoodMagicite :/

    GoodMagicite :/

     5 months ago +343

    Wait, where's MumboGumbo?

  • Galaxy Creeper

    Galaxy Creeper

     1 months ago +108

    Lol i laughed so much at the " am i gonna hit... * dead* " part xD

  • The Simplefarmer

    The Simplefarmer

     8 months ago +2874

    I feel like mumbo and grians bases are getting closer every episode