NEW AirPods 2 Leaks, Release Date & Concept + 2019 Apple Hype!

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • Latest AirPods 2 Feature Leaks, Release Date, Crazy Patents & New Concept! + Apple On-Ear Headphones, Gas Detector & More News!

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  • EverythingApplePro


     7 months ago +1665

    This concept to me makes a lot of sense, hope Apple does something similar! We'd appreciate a 👍, this was not easy to make!

  • Liam Weddell

    Liam Weddell

     5 days ago

    If they were going to make The new Apple AirPods with some color options I wouldn’t mind seeing some in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and teal.

  • Loïc Brisson

    Loïc Brisson

     21 days ago

    AirPod users: sorry, I don’t speak broke
    AirPod 2 users: Entschuldigung, ich spreche nicht pleite

  • Daniel The Bassist

    Daniel The Bassist

     1 months ago

    Who is watching this for airpod 3😂

  • Shotgun Halla

    Shotgun Halla

     2 months ago

    They add a jack on the air pods so u can stream music on any thing that uses a jack through the AirPod too💯

  • James W

    James W

     4 months ago

    Might as well delete this video

  • The Pocket Chemist

    The Pocket Chemist

     4 months ago

    So basically every single video claiming final design leaks are wrong.



     4 months ago +1


  • Not the Goat

    Not the Goat

     5 months ago

    Anyone else’s I actually have the AirPods2 bc I do!!!!

  • Big Chungie

    Big Chungie

     5 months ago

    Who else is listening to this with AirPods 2

  • Elias


     6 months ago +1

    this dude is a fucking liar.

  • Dyllan Toledo

    Dyllan Toledo

     6 months ago

    Who else came here after the Airpods 2 reveal?

  • embossyflat


     6 months ago

    so full of ads in one video

  • Andy Rayna

    Andy Rayna

     6 months ago

    NO! It would be better if the airpods case could reverse charges.

  • xCAMRENx


     6 months ago

    i cant even afford the i10s tws

  • Kinnar Shah

    Kinnar Shah

     6 months ago +1

    Tari pase che

  • jeffrey brew

    jeffrey brew

     6 months ago

    please keep the content coming. This is 10/10. you are now essential to my life loool

  • Adrian Anh Ky Dolejschka

    Adrian Anh Ky Dolejschka

     6 months ago

    When is the next AirPods release

  • harrydaboss


     6 months ago +1

    They should have "find my air pods"

  • Arzhad Mam

    Arzhad Mam

     6 months ago