Hoonigan Goes to Final Bout: America's Greatest Grassroots Drift Event?

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 22, 2019
  • Final Bout is arguably the best grassroots drift event that the U.S. has to offer. Completely based around fun, style, and everything that we love about the late 90s/early 2000s golden era of drifting. People haul from all over the country (and beyond) to come flex their project that they've been working on their entire lives, at time. Follow along as Hert and Rob prep the Mazda RX-7 Twerkstallion and the finger flicker hand-controlled 240sx to get to this rad event.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/IOlfgMKGTW4


  • Tyler Dykeman

    Tyler Dykeman

     15 hours ago

    Yo did anyone notice that the r34 in the first clip is from Ontario canada?

  • Armstrong Tracker Channel.

    Armstrong Tracker Channel.

     15 hours ago

    I started drifting back in about 1979,, i born in six5.. prairie gravel roads. Cheers, Armstrong Tracker Channel Canada British Columbia BC.

  • Myles Porter

    Myles Porter

     2 days ago

    Sexy knight dude are funny and silly af I love it

  • WheelArch’


     6 days ago

    Song @9.33

  • Michael Simoneau

    Michael Simoneau

     28 days ago

    fuck yeah we are not whorty XD

  • Anthony Cluff

    Anthony Cluff

     1 months ago

    Wheelchair wheelies for the win

  • xcookiemonsterstudio


     1 months ago

    1:29 hert pooping

  • Sam Sonite

    Sam Sonite

     1 months ago

    3:39 Going to be a real challenge trying to drift with no leg use and a hook for a hand...

  • Matthew Schmieder

    Matthew Schmieder

     2 months ago

    love this video, shawano, wi is my home town i live about 10 min away from the track

  • Посланник космоса

    Посланник космоса

     3 months ago

    everyone's eyes are burning)

  • Brandon Pinte

    Brandon Pinte

     3 months ago

    Anyone have the name for the full beat @ 9:31

  • elmo z

    elmo z

     3 months ago

    11:04 shortie in the pink hat. That gap

  • banmadabon


     3 months ago

    Who else thinks hert needs to fucking stop to shake the camera...A cut on the selfie will be appreciated too...

  • rem tromol

    rem tromol

     3 months ago

    seeing hert having alot of fun with sexy knights makes me wanna see him go to japan

  • Freddy Hidding

    Freddy Hidding

     3 months ago

    VcR in Japan with the sexy knights is the content I need in my life

  • Alex Acevedo

    Alex Acevedo

     3 months ago

    Final bout is also a dragon ball video game.

  • chris seal

    chris seal

     4 months ago

    Yes hoonigan caught up on every vid now stuck watch to watch loving the vhs vibes and the tunes in the snippets 🤙🤙🤙

  • Nay Cee

    Nay Cee

     4 months ago

    Can't put euro style taillights on a jdm car

  • Private Label

    Private Label

     4 months ago +1

    Theres final bout in Wisconsin???YESS

  • tylerfunnell1992


     4 months ago

    Rob's car is looking sickkk.