12 Random Questions You’ve Probably Googled One Day

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 6, 2018
  • Sometimes certain random questions just pop up in your head, but you never actually bother to find the right answer. Lucky for you, we’ve found the answers to some of the most popular questions everybody’s asked themselves at least once in their life. So, let's finally get to the truth!
    Being an astronaut is such a vastly different profession and way of life from what we know that we’ve got all sorts of questions! For example, what time zone do astronauts on the ISS use? Back in the day, using UTC was convenient for both the USSR and the US, and it’s stayed that way to this very day.


    Why do I doze off in front of the TV, but can’t fall asleep in bed? 0:39
    Why do our scars and tattoos stay with us forever if our cells are constantly renewing? 1:28
    Do babies poop in the womb? 2:06
    What time zone do astronauts on the ISS use? 2:58
    Why can animals drink water from different rivers and puddles and be just fine, but humans can’t do it? 3:37
    Why do we cry when we're sad? 4:12
    Why do we love unhealthy food so much? 5:03
    Why is it that we can easily walk a couple of miles, yet we get so uncomfortable from just standing for 10 or 15 minutes? 5:50
    Is there such a thing as heart cancer? 6:35
    Why is “W” called “double-u” and not “double-v”? 7:09
    What’s the meaning of simple little boxes you check that say, “I’m not a robot”? 7:47
    Why is it so hard to pour water straight into a cup without it running down the pitcher and spilling on the table? 8:39

    -When we're zoning out to some show on the tube, we’re so relaxed that our brain stops analyzing things it normally would. Yet when you're lying in bed, there are constantly some personal stresses or other random thoughts coming to your head out of the blue.
    -Some cells, like the epidermis are constantly replacing themselves. But scars and tattoos are connected to a deeper layer of skin called the dermis, which is renewed way slower.
    -We all swam in our own harmless pee, but pooping happens after the baby is born.
    -Astronauts don’t really use a time zone but something called Coordinated Universal Time.
    -A good cry serves as a breathing exercise that helps us deal with stress. And when it comes to slimy snot, it’s also tears.
    -Our love for unhealthy foods goes back to our ancestors. There was no concept of “a healthy, balanced diet” back then.
    -When we walk, blood gets pushed out of the veins thanks to muscle activity. But when we just stand still, the valves keep getting filled with more and more blood, and it creates the discomfort.
    -Heart cancer is a real, yet very rare type of cancer.
    -At first, “V” was written like “U” because the ancient Romans didn't have the letters “W” and “V” in their writing system.
    -When you click the “I’m not a robot” button, Google gets access to tons of your information, even data on your cursor movement, among other things to find out if you’re really human.
    -There is tendency of a fluid stream to stay attached to a convex surface. If the liquid flow is heavy, everything's alright, but when it's light, the water starts running down the teapot and onto the table.

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