Thermoelectric Cooling is a Bad Idea

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
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    People keep emailing us saying “Hey Linus, you should look at Peltier Coolers!” – and I’ve finally given in, so here is a video about why it’s a bad idea.

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  • RadicalxEdward


     4 hours ago

    On my MacBook Pro laughing at Linus’ reaction to a 100°C+ core temp as I burn my nuts.

  • DreamRaider


     12 hours ago +1

    If the fans where feeded by the electricity made with the peltier effect augmenting the speed of the fan with the heat difference it would make sense put then again what the point when fans consume so little watts and the pc it self already require a tremendous amount of juice in comparison. I can see this being usefull elsewhere put not in this case.

  • Phoenix Goss

    Phoenix Goss


    From certain angles in the video, it looks like Linus has a sick mullet

  • Gerald Koth

    Gerald Koth


    I made my own peltier cooler in 1996. Had a copper pipe buried in the ground to dissipate the heat from the hot side of the peltiers. Four of them on copper plates. With water running through on the hot side. I was running my chip at -40 which is the same for both C and F. Ran Prime on that for about 3 years before I wanted to upgrade. And I moved so I no longer had my in ground copper pipe loop.

    I saw no decent way for the hot side to be cooled. You need a shitload of heat transfer to make it work properly. A single peltier is too wimpy.

  • alprazolam1mgs


     2 days ago

    How to tell a Canadian. Ask them to say against lol.

  • Ethan Queen

    Ethan Queen

     3 days ago

    Problem with your setup is that you can't just use TECs with janky waterblocks and expect it to cool that well.
    Back in the day, there were some crazy custom TEC setups that actually worked pretty well... power usage still sucks though.
    CPU -> radiator -> TEC(s) (cooled by another waterblock/radiator setup) -> back to the CPU.
    That way you get a lot of the heat removed by the initial radiator and then the TEC(s) cool the water which actually gives you way better temps.
    That being said, an A/C compressor type setup will still work way way way better.

  • Cander5142


     3 days ago

    Peltier: The tech of choice for crowd funding snake oil salesmen.

  • Joey Donuts

    Joey Donuts

     3 days ago

    I use PIA...that's how I game online at

  • Joey Donuts

    Joey Donuts

     3 days ago

    "Way back in 2007". A year after that is when I got out of IT. I'm trying to get back into it now.

  • 970357ers


     3 days ago

    Use a swimming pool

  • Dominic dos Santos

    Dominic dos Santos

     3 days ago

    You should have combined the two!

  • Sid Chou

    Sid Chou

     4 days ago

    cool cool

  • Kraftrad


     6 days ago

    You can't measure bare metal with IR due too it's low.emission coefficient

  • Tamamo No Mae

    Tamamo No Mae

     6 days ago

    Im not gonna lie, I read the title quickly and thought "Wow we got so advanced we have a video that will explain to us why Thermonuclear cooling is a bad idea"

  • TDplay


     7 days ago

    Next we cool a CPU using a giant peliter, an NH-D15 and a water loop all working together

  • tarrker


     7 days ago

    "Why didn't it catch on?". Well you basically prove that in the video. It's less effective and requires way more power than just... a fan.

  • Curtis Scott

    Curtis Scott

     7 days ago

    Have you ever considered using Dichloromethane instead of water as a cooling medium? It boils at 39.8°C and can be used is sealed systems that do NOT require a circulator pump. It's the liquid you see inside of traditional holiday "bubble-lights". Really - any medium that has a boiling point under 100C is better than water and because you NEVER want a chip to hit 100C -using a medium that boils below that is a big safety advantage. Boiling a liquid takes away much more heat energy than simply circulating a non-boiling fluid. It has to do with the thermal dynamics of PHASE CHANGE. Under ideal circumstances - a cooling loop containing a mixture of (2+) different fluids with stepped boiling points would allow for very comprehensive cooling.

  • Thomas Atkinson

    Thomas Atkinson

     7 days ago

    The way you describe TEC's is that they are useless scam tech, but they do have their place.
    You can use TEC's to make a fridge very cheaply, and which are very energy efficient, but you really need to understand how they work to use them effectively.
    It isn't something id use to cool something that is actively producing heat on the "cool" side...
    The fact u guys fell for "540 watts" shows you don't understand how these things work.
    More is not always better. Sometimes it's worse.

  • Andy


     7 days ago

    Thermoelectrics are great for cooling something below room temperature which can't be done with fan coolers. For the purpose of cooling something hot though, like a cpu, it's pretty useless.

  • Steven Schneider

    Steven Schneider

     7 days ago

    What's with the rock in the opening sequence? Is that supposed to be exploring the idea of using a large thermal mass to draw heat from the cpu? I'll need to watch that episode.