Thermoelectric Cooling is a Bad Idea

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Watches' 5th-anniversary sale is on now at keep emailing us saying “Hey Linus, you should look at Peltier Coolers!” – and I’ve finally given in, so here is a video about why it’s a bad idea.Buy Noctua NH-U12A:On Amazon: Newegg: on the forum: Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Private Internet Access today at metal posters: Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: - - - - Intro Screen Music Credit:Title: Laszlo - SupernovaVideo Link: Download Link: Link: Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
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  • Tim C

    Tim C

     7 days ago +1005

    "Bad Cooling Ideas"
    Whole Room Water-Cooling 2 confirmed.

  • ElectroBOOM


     7 days ago +274

    Hey no fair! You did a Thermoelectric video too! Well at least they are a bit different!

  • o PRODIGYS o

    o PRODIGYS o

     7 days ago +288

    0:50 who else thought he was going to say "But what's even cooler, is today's video sponsor" lol

  • alex heinz

    alex heinz

     7 days ago +85

    Bad Cooling Idea:
    Custom Watercooler filled with thermal paste.

  • ShroudedWolf51


     7 days ago +85

    ....jesus. That Peltier you ordered draws more power than my entire machine. And, I run an overclocked Vega64. Thefuck.

  • Erik With A K

    Erik With A K

     7 days ago +1244

    “But what’s even cooler!”
    gets ready for sponsor
    “Are these coolers”
    Me: What?

  • vaghatz


     7 days ago +33

    That was not fair, the traditional watercooling solution had RBG fans while the peltier on had non-RGB. Everybody knows that RGB boosts cooling up to 50%

  • Aaron Andrew

    Aaron Andrew

     yesterday +1

    Out of experience, Try to cool with a thin sheet of aluminum foil as a thermal compound on a good water cooler. if done correctly and you get a snug fit and clean foil with alcohol you might just be surprised....

  • Salty Steel

    Salty Steel

     7 days ago +69

    Ok, Linus and ElectroBoom both have a thermoelectric cooling video out within 24 hours of each other. Strange...

  • Chris Davies

    Chris Davies

     3 days ago +2

    I successfully used an 80-watt peltier on my PC back before you guys were begging for happy meals. I inserted it between the CPU and the heatsink, and used lots of silver-based thermal goop. With the exact same fan speed settings, I was able to drop the core temps by 6 degrees C, and thus achieve a 67% overclock, compared to a 50% overclock. That meant I saved about $1,000 on the CPU. So the extra power wasn't really an issue.
    More recently, I designed and built a Peltier-based stove fan for atop our fire. It uses an alloy base to absorb the heat, and a massive old Coolermaster heatsink with 6 heatpipes. The temperature differential drives a 12" RC plane propellor which blows air over the heatsink, and maintains a 40-50 degree C difference between the two sides of the peltier. This generates 1.3 volts, and enough current to drive the propellor sufficiently quickly to remove a huge amount of heat from the flue.
    To avoid heat-soak, the device has to sit perched right at the front of the fire, so that cool air from in front of the fire can be pulled in to cool the heatsink. The thing is so well made, that it starts automatically when you light the fire, and it runs until the firebox cools to the point you can just touch it.

  • Yash


     7 days ago +1861

    But can it make Linus's hair cool?

  • Jesper Valentin

    Jesper Valentin

     3 days ago +2

    Wheres the follow up video with the 545W peltier module?

  • Mr Electron

    Mr Electron

     18 hours ago +1

    Yeah ! More than half the power is wasted in Heat

  • DanielVidz


     46 minutes ago

    Why not leave the rad in the loop?

  • Boav Yittan

    Boav Yittan

     7 days ago +20

    Linus "Thermoelectric cooling is a bad idea"
    Also Linus "Cooling with concrete kinda works!"

  • Siem


     7 days ago +982

    PLEASE stop working with vincero watches. There watches are cheap made and crappy. It's almost a scam for way they cost. Please stop Linus please.




    I had a peltier plate, and some years ago i really reached the same results, unfortunately, the Peltier could be a good idea, way.

  • DanielVidz


     43 minutes ago

    Bad cooling idea..
    Mercury liquid cooling.. it's HEAVY metal

  • Shawn Elliott

    Shawn Elliott

     7 days ago +47

    The most badass CPU cooling system I ever saw was a copper pipe welded to a copper plate, insulated with foam, and filled with liquid nitrogen, for the ultimate ridiculawesome evaporative cooler of all time.

  • Walter Ceal

    Walter Ceal


    I think all those kits are overpriced. I use the tec-1 12706 peltier with a smear of graphite thermal paste between the cpu and peltier as well as between the peltier and aluminum heat sink. I also used some spray silicone on the aluminium heat sink and gave it a coating of graphite powder which conducts heat 4X faster than copper and radiates heat 13% more effectively than aluminium.
    I have no issues with cooling no matter how hard I run my 2.8 ghz system. I use 72 watts. 🙂
    I also use the peltier to build small scale thermoelectric generators. My best build so far is 1,300 watts with two tea candles as my heat source.