Stunt Jumps Through Impossible Shapes!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 28, 2018
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    Hey guys! What other giant shapes should we try to jump through? Did you enjoy jumping from a trampoline or jumping from a high ledge better? Which player was your favorite in this challenge? Let us know down below! Go check out Don't Flinch | Dangerous Live Animals!!:

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  • Matthew Bonura

    Matthew Bonura

     21 hours ago +1

    The spit from Brian

  • Donovan Lawrence

    Donovan Lawrence

     2 days ago

    Jfred '2 1/2 1

  • devyn renteria

    devyn renteria

     6 days ago

    brian drooled

  • Super Ninja

    Super Ninja

     7 days ago

    Joey is my favorite

  • Cameron Schultz

    Cameron Schultz

     7 days ago

    Did Joey finish school

  • Storm Nasca

    Storm Nasca

     7 days ago

    For the Bobby shaped hole...missed opportunity to front flip into it.That'd have been my strategy.

  • Cristian Soberanis

    Cristian Soberanis

     14 days ago


  • Jeffrey Gamer12345678

    Jeffrey Gamer12345678

     14 days ago

    Joey is Athletic he can front flip and he can beat Bryan in 1v1 basketball

  • Hanno Tomberg

    Hanno Tomberg

     14 days ago

    Wwwwwqqqwqddssdf. Nmnmmmnnmmmmmmmmmnmmmnnm::::/;::’,6667666666’ukil

  • Cliff Martin

    Cliff Martin

     14 days ago

    If Bobby gets hit where he don’t want it to be 1 like =1 prayer for bobby

  • DIY World

    DIY World

     14 days ago

    Spit Brian

  • Gabriela Montejano

    Gabriela Montejano

     14 days ago


  • Kyle Rice

    Kyle Rice

     14 days ago

    Brian gets a rival ball in his mouth so he starts gasping for air

  • Jimi JamJar

    Jimi JamJar

     14 days ago

    What if this was the title jumping thrugh brick wals(:

  • Samuel Lipof (Student)

    Samuel Lipof (Student)

     14 days ago


  • Janine Mawdsley

    Janine Mawdsley

     21 days ago

    hi team edge plz would you mind say hi to dope or nope or nope and plz say a loud hi to Matthias

  • Kimberly Griffin

    Kimberly Griffin

     21 days ago

    J Fred for the win

  • Ian Lewis

    Ian Lewis

     21 days ago

    who watching in 2019

  • 2024_Ryan Lesh

    2024_Ryan Lesh

     21 days ago +2

    my faviorte team edge members in oder are Bobbylicious,Bryancito,and joyf

  • 2024_Ryan Lesh

    2024_Ryan Lesh

     21 days ago

    more jupping though shapes