The Auction Corvette BOGS DEEP For 1,000hp... Can the Junkyard Engine Do It??

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 12, 2019
  • McFarland Tuning back at it again on the dyno!
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  • Alf-Einar Noah

    Alf-Einar Noah


    THIS is the Correct Level of H(y)eeeeell Yeah!

  • Notten


     14 days ago

    You guys should get a popcorn manchine ..for your guests

  • logan1080


     14 days ago

    Dumb question but how do you know when to stop advancing timing? How close to TDC is too close?

  • Turtle Wax

    Turtle Wax

     2 months ago

    You guys really need to consider the effects of the noise you’re being exposed to. I did things like this thru my teens and early 20s and by the time I was 26 I couldn’t understand normal conversation.
    You will regret not heading the warning sign on your wall one day..sooner rather than later.

  • brandonmclovin 0

    brandonmclovin 0

     2 months ago

    That aluminum weld looks like shit!!!!! Who the hell did that ? 🤯🤮

  • Toshy McTosharoo

    Toshy McTosharoo

     2 months ago

    I feel like these dudes just work 2 days in a row with non stop filming to drop a video a 7 days a week.

  • Zach Bonham

    Zach Bonham

     2 months ago

    Brother I've been watching the ruby build like a Netflix series ! Enjoying the progress ! I'm at this murican video at the moment. Loving it !!! Keep on keeping on !!!!!

  • Steven Shinn

    Steven Shinn

     2 months ago

    Does Jeremy have a son from virginia. Named andrew?

  • Thijs Waalders

    Thijs Waalders

     2 months ago

    @ 13:47 'Hej hej, there is a guy over there" :D lmao

  • Montez Hardnett

    Montez Hardnett

     3 months ago

    "make sure you touch every square inch of every one" lol

  • Bodybuilder X

    Bodybuilder X

     3 months ago

    anyone else think cooper mean't to touch each taquito to the heat or did he mean that they were touching the taquito with their bare hands?

  • FREN - OGY

    FREN - OGY

     3 months ago

    Thought this was suppose 2 be a remote mounted turbo 🤔

  • Thomas


     3 months ago

    protect your hearing at all costs.

  • CKOD


     4 months ago

    Id try some dynamat (or whatever amazon discount version) on the panels for the dyno equipment. Adding the mass and damping should keep the case from rattling around and resonating. Not the egg-crate foam though, thats for stopping higher frequency reflections, and wont stop the panels from rattling anywhere near as well. <$30 shipped for the cheap stuff.

  • Sarge 7000

    Sarge 7000

     4 months ago

    Hearing protection is a must guys!

  • - Larsonious

    - Larsonious

     4 months ago

    Everyone at this shop seems so cool and real.

  • Chaterboxfox


     4 months ago

    i truly wish someday ill have the ability to do this to a car. i can only dream and work towards it rn.

  • Tyler s

    Tyler s

     5 months ago

    No those well did not looking good never will they look good sorry

  • James Hamiton

    James Hamiton

     5 months ago

    Get a smaller turbo to spool bigger one faster

  • justin crawford

    justin crawford

     5 months ago

    Ill hook you up with welds