Epic Mini Boat Battle | Sink the Ship!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 31, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/IeWFVpGBJaw


  • FortNite Epic Games

     7 months ago

    This is a boat 🚣‍♀️ he is level 0 let’s see what level he can get to? 🚣‍♀️. Level 10 🚤 level 50 ⛵️ level 100 🛥 level 150⛴ level 200 🛳 level 1000 🚢

  • Ridthy Muy

     14 hours ago

    Ixpqd uujsh

  • MeTooNumberTwo

     19 hours ago

    What level can he get to? Well, you didn’t really say how to level him up. I’m thinking it’s the dislike button.

  • Jorji Costava

     8 months ago

    Land mine? your In The Sea

  • Sxlln -

     3 hours ago

    Potato man

  • The Stupid Kid On Youtube


    sup you still have side business in arstotska

  • M.C.arrowtime

     7 months ago

    Can we get some support for veterans in the chat

  • Emilia Ek

     29 days ago

    M.C.arrowtime f

  • Alex Hoffman

     3 months ago

    @Brandon Wright and roll our sleeves better than that lmao

  • Mybutt 69

     1 months ago

    LAND mine in a battle of boats

  • Mr Venom

     8 days ago

    Sea mines

  • Oatgrains

     12 days ago

    Pretty sure they were underwater mines.

  • M4tek1jo Matt

     9 months ago

    What if once a month you did a video with the original 3 (Matt,J-Fred,Brian)and have a replicated "Original" set as the one in the garage with the new Team Edge space you have enough space for that I think that it would bring all the old fans that left and they would enjoy the new stuff because it is better in quality but some people just miss the old days im one of them but I LOVE your new content , if anyone reads this and thinks it is a good idea like so they can see it too. Greetings from...

  • ILove Undertale8267

     18 days ago

    I love this idea so much DO IT TEAM EDGE PLZ DO IT JUST DO IT XD

  • Connor Distelrath

     9 months ago


  • TheNoob

     26 days ago

    *is on sea* everyone: "land mine"

  • martha ovalle

     2 months ago

    *bobby* we need to protect this or we sink*bobby* it’s right here

  • Cloudy Sky Trash

     4 months ago

    10:55 "THIS IS OUR FUEL!" *throws it into the ocean* "oh.... I'm sorry"What's the name of this guy he's really -cute- funny

  • Poptart


    @ILove Undertale8267 Why would a deaf person use youtube's auto generated captions

  • ILove Undertale8267

     18 days ago

    You think he’s cute? AWWWWWWWWW you think Kyle is cute =3

  • Ro ghoul {Official}

     20 days ago

    Steer to starboard - turn rightSteer to board - turn leftHard over - hard turn after say "steer to..."

  • benjamin studios14

     18 days ago

    Port is left actually *

  • Ruby Noon

     8 months ago

    This is daisy🐶1 like=a year olderHow old can daisy get

  • ILove Undertale8267

     18 days ago

    Marcel Opitek please stop pointing out and being a bully I’m try to be nice like so much I’m usually not this nice so please stop =)

  • ILove Undertale8267

     18 days ago

    The jelly slimer Gamer dude that’s dark wtf