nct foreign members vs. the korean language

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • disclaimer!!1 this video is by no means making fun of the members. languages are hard. regardless, the members are v good at korean and nctzens are v proud of them. ok. end of disclaimer. ty for watching :)all videos used:
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     5 months ago

    Winwin yelling he’s chinese is a big mood

  • Cheryl Lim

     1 months ago

    @Lali At 2:44!

  • Lali

     2 months ago

    When was that xD?

  • Henny Pratiwi

     2 months ago

    Chenle : "i don't know it in korean"ITS OKAY, SINCE YOU LOOK SO CUTE, ITS OKAY

  • Angelica Xiong

     9 days ago


  • We have different clothes

     1 months ago

    Lol cant relate

  • seokjesus

     3 months ago

    me: hinct: *confused in 24 different languages*

  • Nightfang Dances

     3 days ago

    @seokjesus true true

  • seokjesus

     3 days ago

    @Kpop,Dance/ColorGuard, Etc !!! but what if they just go "hOLa" like BM did

  • Via Cheney

     2 months ago

    Their chemistry is amazing despite all the language barriers.

  • Not my Name

     1 months ago

    They are experts in body language because of this.

  • Phëä ŃïńnPlayz

     3 months ago

    Why does Lucas always act like he’s a dramatic K-drama character?!😂😂

  • hownaice

     2 days ago

    Brianna Mccartin he is also in dream on the inside

  • Jimin's Lost Jams

     11 days ago

    *xuxi is a kdrama actor on the inside*

  • iiAruni

     1 months ago

    Part that cracked me up4:11Jaehyun: OrangeWinWin: NimongJaehyun: **smurks**Jaehyun: *lemonWinWin: LemonBoth: Cross!

  • hakuouki Hu

     14 days ago

    When I first watched it I didn’t notice he said it in Chinese cuz I understand Chinese and I was like. Wait I don’t get it he didn’t say it wrong and then...... ohhh he said it in Chinese xD

  • winwin XD

     18 days ago

    same hahaha

  • Jzy Hn

     3 months ago

    Nct: we don't need translator since we're multi languageSM: oh okay. Glad to hear thatA few moments laterNct: uhm, sorry? We need the translatorSM: but you said....Nct: RIGHT NOW

  • andi mario

     28 days ago

    they dont

  • chimmy kookie army uwu heartue

     1 months ago

    They need translator between the group

  • - jane -

     3 months ago

    "do you wanna drink tea?"chenle : "we should drink more. since we are a team we should drink tea."What was this

  • velistor han

     5 days ago

    @him sam it's not. Mark really ask him "do you wanna drink tea?" That's why renjun explain it at first. Because he thought chenle misheard mark's question. When in fact "do you wanna drink tea" is the real question that mark's ask to chenle.Sorry for bad english, and I hope you're understand my explanation

  • him sam

     8 days ago

    Mark just ask Chenle : do you wanna do it in team? 팀 하실래요?But Chenle heard it : do you wanna drink tea? 티 마실래요?It's team. But chenle heard it, tea m...

  • ocarett

     1 months ago

    winwin: _doesnt understand korean_ mark: _talks to him in english_ winwin: *eYE-*

  • Tanya Krotowa

     7 days ago

    just an INTELLECTUAL`s things

  • Lam Cute

     5 months ago

    When you are Chinese, play the Korean charades, you understand the words in English - this is Chenle

  • Emily Chen

     6 days ago

    This is so relatable I-

  • Flo Uribe

     22 days ago

    Haha I love him ❤️