BeatsX Earphones: Unboxing & Review

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 3, 2017
  • Unboxing, Review, and Comparison to the Apple AirPods.

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  • The CQB’s Essay

    The CQB’s Essay

     21 days ago

    The wings didn’t even come with mine, I don’t know why, I didn’t get a carry case or anything and it sounds very metallic when I play music, any help?

  • Fenrir96


     a months ago

    Is this compatible with the galaxy s9 or a70?

  • TaZe Landon

    TaZe Landon

     2 months ago

    I’m using beats x

  • Jey A

    Jey A

     3 months ago

    How much for Indian rupees

  • Per K Petersen

    Per K Petersen

     3 months ago

    Perfect video , like always 😀👍. Love my Beats X in Black 😊. Cheers from Denmark

  • Heather Lopez

    Heather Lopez

     4 months ago

    I just got these for $21 at Walmart!

  • k3vynsnippzzerking8977 K

    k3vynsnippzzerking8977 K

     4 months ago

    Hey Michael you should be doing unboxings for all Beats products I wanna see his unboxing for the AirPods Pro😆🙏

  • anisd100


     6 months ago

    Im not contented with its bass

  • Aaron Gwarcia

    Aaron Gwarcia

     8 months ago

    am i the only one who didn’t get the wings or the case?

  • Wally G.

    Wally G.

     8 months ago


  • Taylor Lacy

    Taylor Lacy

     9 months ago

    Watching these on my beats x

  • hi i am spongebob

    hi i am spongebob

     9 months ago

    is the code for first time subscribers only?

  • Sterling Saunders

    Sterling Saunders

     9 months ago

    If there wasn't a cord the beats would beat the airpods

  • Jesus Sanchez

    Jesus Sanchez

     9 months ago

    Please make an unboxing video of the new beats x wireless earbuds

  • Ernesto Rodriguez

    Ernesto Rodriguez

     9 months ago

    I Bought The Beats X Today And They Sound Great

  • Brandon Garzon

    Brandon Garzon

     10 months ago

    What if the Apple music didn't come with the box?!?!?? Because mine didn't!!!!!! My box says TEN YRS DECADE COLLECTION

  • Lightsaber Lord P373

    Lightsaber Lord P373

     11 months ago

    My brother has got a pair of beats X in black and he uses them for his Galaxy S6 Edge

  • Smart Passive

    Smart Passive

     11 months ago

    5 minutes gets u 2 hours of charge our review on the wireless beatsX

  • aya Ich

    aya Ich

     11 months ago

    You have the same voice as Taylor hill. It’s a youtuber too or maybe you’re the same person.

  • J White

    J White

     11 months ago

    If your looking to buy some of these for a lower price check out my offer up it’s (Javares)