Miners Were Dredging The Ocean For Gold When They Discovered An Astonishing 120-Pound Stowaway

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Hank Schimschat and his crew are miners who work off the coast of Alaska. Usually, they dredge the Bering Sea looking for gold. However, in the summer of 2017, the seamen discovered something even more precious than the valuable yellow metal.

    The Au Grabber is an 80-foot long dredge boat based out of Nome in Alaska. The vessel was bought for $600,000 by miner Hank Schimschat, who has decades of experience in the excavating business. However, in order to get a return on his investment, Schimschat was willing to go the extra mile to get his hands on some gold.

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  • SSJ Fan Girl 88

    SSJ Fan Girl 88

     7 months ago

    Auku the Walrus...♥️
    Glad he found his forever home and friend Ginger... SeaWorld 🐳
    Heartwarming ☺️☺️☺️💕

  • Deborah 5122

    Deborah 5122

     8 months ago

    The name of the Miner, who rescued the baby walrus, is pronounced, Hank Shimshack.

  • Star Light Star Bright

    Star Light Star Bright

     9 months ago +2

    This is just sad. They prob killed its mother (and blamed it on whales).

  • uniconning ,

    uniconning ,

     9 months ago

    That's right send it to sea world

  • Carol Panton

    Carol Panton

     9 months ago +2

    Shouldn’t be dredging the seabed in the first place - it just ruins our flora and fauna!!!!

  • Shaylee Strickland

    Shaylee Strickland

     9 months ago +4

    Id rather die young in the wild instead of living to be old in a cage..
    Poor walrus, he may have lost his mother to a shark or other predator.

  • Deborah Bruckart

    Deborah Bruckart

     9 months ago +5

    I wish we as humans would stop destroying the habitat of those who cannot fight for themselves.

  • KP


     9 months ago

    Thx to these amazing people he is having a good life

  • Yixuan Lee

    Yixuan Lee

     9 months ago +8

    Anywhere but sea world!

  • kath oakes

    kath oakes

     9 months ago

    What a lovely story. I'm so pleased that this baby has a forever home.

  • Greg Hall

    Greg Hall

     9 months ago

    Thank You 🙏To all the wonderful people that helped save the animals. And getting them to SeaWorld Orlando. You guys have a heart of gold

  • ballinacrossrose


     9 months ago +7

    Man can keep all the gold they find on the ocean floor, I prefer to see all those animals whose lives are disrupted and destroyed living their life in peace. Probably this Baby was separated from his parents during all this dredging...A life in captivity is no life.