How to use the Archimesh add-on in Blender

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 30, 2016
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    Quick intro to to the Archimesh add-on in blender in version 2.78
    Software: Blender 2.78
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  • Ricardo Chavez

    Ricardo Chavez

     3 months ago

    As someone whos done sketchup, rhino, 3ds max. this is amazing. I find the transition from rhino to blender to be amazing.

  • Steve Roberts

    Steve Roberts

     3 months ago

    great video, but I had a question. When you do the grease pencil drawing and then hit "room from draw", you have 14 walls when there should only be six. How do you smooth it out and get rid of the extra "walls"?

  • First Don Diego

    First Don Diego

     4 months ago

    So I'm using 2.80 and I would like to know why some of these objects will turn black and disconnect from everything.



     6 months ago

    How to add archimesh tools to tools shelf
    For me it is not coming

  • Johannes Zwilling

    Johannes Zwilling

     6 months ago

    :) Wow, amazing stuff!

  • Chedd Rock

    Chedd Rock

     8 months ago +3

    Do you know how to edit the cabinets and other objects in archimesh in blender 2.8. It doesnt seem to have any edit options. Sorry, I am new to blender.

  • Allen Ohm

    Allen Ohm

     10 months ago

    Thank you for the wonderful video.

  • harbir singh bhabra

    harbir singh bhabra

     11 months ago

    Fantastic ...

  • y3d Computer Graphics

    y3d Computer Graphics

     a years ago

    I like your dialect! Awesome. It is a pleasure to listen your English and follow your tutorials.

  • José Ramírez

    José Ramírez

     a years ago

    How can I do that the doors , windows and rest of elements add or selfinsert inside a wall with an autoboolean method in any kind of walls created manually extruding vertexes?. Are archimesh tools compatible with autoboolean with walls created manually using other methods of creation?. Thanks in advance.



     a years ago

    Nice Tutorial...Thank You :)

  • Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito

     a years ago

    Thank you! So helpful.

  • p ch

    p ch

     a years ago

    Very helpful video.Thank you

  • Shaggy


     a years ago +1

    This is amazing.

  • George G.

    George G.

     a years ago

    Thank you kindly. So informative yet simple

  • Naushad Rahman

    Naushad Rahman

     a years ago

    Sir I want to buy your architecture design tools but my credit card not acepted sir you can help me

  • burgonyasalata


     a years ago

    the arcimesh tab isn't appearing under tools on the left?

  • BlvckSaint


     2 years ago

    Archimesh still doesnt come up in my toolbar

  • Jose Appratto

    Jose Appratto

     2 years ago

    When I check the Archmesh do not show up , may you help me?Thank you

  • Dorothy Jean Thompson

    Dorothy Jean Thompson

     2 years ago +3

    OMG!!! This will help me sooo much! Thanks!!!