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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 1, 2018
  • The Office, Stranger Things, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and more, we find out what your favorite TV shows would be like if they were ANIME!

    Noah Grossman
    Damien Haas
    Ian Hecox
    Keith Leak Jr
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Brian Sandstrom

    Directed & Produced by Ryan Todd
    Written by Shayne Topp and Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Luke Barats
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Editor: Leonard Wilkes
    Producer: Kristina Nikolic
    Production Manager: Jon-Michael Burgess
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Designer: Taylor Nicholson
    Art Assistant: Jake Sperling
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
    Gaffer: Justin Thatcher
    Key Grip: Jameo Duncan
    Sound Mixer: Greg Jones
    Script Supervisor: Talia Brahms
    Makeup Artist: Rachel Jenkins
    Wardrobe: Sam Sneed
    DIT: Taylor Cutler
    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Iz9u_mgBoJQ


  • FinNote

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Why do they think every anime is Dragon Ball and Naruto

  • KiritoThuguto 6072

     (1 day ago)

    Maybe cause their anime vids get tons of views,but they never watched anime much in the first place and they only see clips.Also because DB/DBZ/DBS and Naruto are the most known animes.

  • Adren De Los Santos

     (1 day ago)

    Naruto is mainstream dragon ball was in the 80s+BoRed 08

  • xXMediaTrix

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Imagine all of this without the effects

  • Bloody red Ferro

     (Apr 6, 2019)


  • Evangeline limbo

     (Apr 6, 2019)


  • b_D_w_S

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Saying "calculus joke" is about as clever as the real bigbang theory.

  • Baka Boi

     (Mar 6, 2019)


  • ara silvestre

     (Sep 18, 2018)

    B_D_W_S'_Animation_ gnthee g. 😌

  • | ᴇᴍɪʟʏ ʀᴏsᴇ |

     (Aug 5, 2018)

    When the salty weeaboos don't see that they're being ironic with anime on purpose. r/woosh

  • Rocky

     (Mar 22, 2019)

    | ᴇᴍɪʟʏ ʀᴏsᴇ | not all anime fans are weebs

  • ItsKirito

     (Oct 4, 2018)

    not all anime fans are weaboos

  • dsaka

     (1 day ago)

    How to get super strong in anime :-Get a flashback-Get angry

  • Shan Lin

     (19 hours ago)

    when he turned into the werewolf, i thought it was going to become a sailor moon transformation 😂

  • Wild Boar

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Smosh isnt the same anymore

  • seoul -mate

     (Mar 30, 2019)

    Yes it's better now

  • Just a Little Aspie

     (Mar 21, 2019)

    No shit, it’s called evolving. Sorry if you’re too attached to the past.That was mean, I’m sorry, I love every one of you guys!

  • ortomy

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    No one in anime talks like the Office one

  • SolidTone

     (Nov 22, 2018)

    "It's called Hentai and it's art"-Stanley Hudson

  • Awesomenoob57

     (Oct 30, 2018)

    Then you've never seen the speed racer anime

  • Kaleigh Plowden

     (Aug 3, 2018)

    Who is hyped for friends the anime?

  • MasterGamer2941

     (Mar 22, 2019)


  • Bacon Doodles

     (Aug 6, 2018)

    Kaleigh Plowden ya, they'd have the best opening😂

  • Mr poopoo pants Whoisaryan

     (Aug 2, 2018)

    Smosh's Idea of anime is limited to Dbz & Yugioh. This video could've been pretty funny in theory but all they do is overreact to everything & think that means it's anime

  • Wow! Studios ジ

     (Apr 8, 2019)

    Mr poopoo pants Whoisaryan r/whoosh that’s the joke.

  • Therainbowunicorn And potatoe wizard

     (Apr 8, 2019)