Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
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  • iDiminished


     seconds ago

    _ *Apple feeling really edgy about Right to Repair Legislation right about now* _

  • harry martin

    harry martin

     42 minutes ago

    what's with the subliminal glitch of you holding the laptop?

  • R Cajavus

    R Cajavus

     45 minutes ago

    I'Dd smack you over your face if I saw you poining at motherboard components with metal screwdriver

  • Fluttershy


     an hour ago

    I'm surprised a company let Linus take apart a prototype laptop with screws that small. Linus is already known to drop things. Is allowing him to take apart a laptop a good idea?

  • Ron Flood

    Ron Flood

     an hour ago

    its nice to see happy excited Linus.. would be nice to see him more often...

  • burtoner


     3 hours ago

    I really thought at the start Linus isn't going to put this back together lol :D

  • Jacques Fernandes

    Jacques Fernandes

     3 hours ago

    No one? Really?
    6:57 "You comin out baby? Yea you are. You want to"
    I lost it XD

  • Anonymous Pallas Cat

    Anonymous Pallas Cat

     5 hours ago

    wasnt there a eurocom laptop somewhere that was really nice?

  • Silvan Paul

    Silvan Paul

     5 hours ago

    this laptop is the laptop that many people wanted including me, it sucks that you can't upgrade your laptop nowadays because of the sacrifices that have been made for the thinner standards. I just don't want my graphics card and CPU soldered on to my motherboard.

  • Christian Wijaya

    Christian Wijaya

     5 hours ago +1

    Why you need to upgrade that monster Laptop desktop anyway. People must have so much money.

  • krum1985


     5 hours ago

    now THAT is one sexy laptop =) I bought a alienware laptop 6-ish years ago, and it was the best laptop I've had (but also ridiculously expensive xD). My biggest gripe with it was the lack of upgrade-ability, so when I felt the need to upgrade, I went back to a desktop PC. This laptop is probably not for me, as I don't "game on the go" much anymore, and it probably would cost me more than a whole years worth of disposable income xD

  • Ben The Shrubber

    Ben The Shrubber

     6 hours ago

    that poor poor flex at the bottom left..

  • PH Crownguard

    PH Crownguard

     7 hours ago

    i see it 1:29 skip frame! in my 57hz refresh rate 720p hd screen using youtube vanced

  • Theodor Samoladas

    Theodor Samoladas

     7 hours ago

    Tightly packaging great components is of no use when you realize afterwards that the CPU is throttling down in any workload over 20%

  • ekel38


     9 hours ago

    Why'd you keep focusing on his balding head LOL.

  • Luis Serrano

    Luis Serrano

     9 hours ago

    Now I want an Alien Ware.

  • Jonathan Delarosa

    Jonathan Delarosa

     13 hours ago

    Hahaha saw that ending coming. No way he would put it back together lol

  • Arif Rizky

    Arif Rizky

     13 hours ago

    Can't wait for full size gpu in laptop.

  • mythical orange

    mythical orange

     14 hours ago

    If we also had upgradable phones

  • Maxwell Udemba

    Maxwell Udemba

     17 hours ago

    can you put the i9 extreme injside