How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • We take a look at the coin from John and try to figure out just how much its worth.FACEBOOK: we're reading and watching: OUR HOSTSAmerican Ben: Xie: Hedges:
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  • Lord of Nothing

    Lord of Nothing

     2 months ago +1492

    That V neck is deeper than Jon Wicks supply of gold coins.

  • James Romelt

    James Romelt

     2 months ago +1500

    I would honestly break contintental rules just to make sure no man wears a v neck like that ever again

  • MxnZ Channel

    MxnZ Channel

     2 months ago +477

    That V neck is so deep, we can see John Wick Chapter 4 down there

  • OG


     2 months ago +336

    Actually think keanu overpaying the taxi driver is something the real keanu would do.

  • Pranay Jayaswal

    Pranay Jayaswal

     2 months ago +4259

    I think it's just gold foil coated chocolates.

  • Müd Monéi

    Müd Monéi

     2 months ago +513

    2000s: was obsessed with Neo
    2010s: i'm obsessed with Wick
    2020s: gonna be obsessed with Cyberpunk 2077

  • HoLeeFukSumTingWong


     2 months ago +388

    One thing I do know for sure.....This dude is never gonna wear a V neck again.

  • Andrew Supports communism and demonetization.

    Andrew Supports communism and demonetization.

     1 months ago +226

    There are more comments about this mans v-neck than John Wick's supply of gold coins

  • godsbeloved


     2 months ago +421

    Around 1,300 to 1,500, there you don't have to spend 10 mins to find out!

  • Jean Salomon

    Jean Salomon

     2 months ago +3383

    One dead body? 1 coin
    Two drinks? 1 coin
    A pack of pencils? Priceless

  • Bartek


     2 months ago +139

    "Two nights at hotel cost one coin" - then how much one night cost ? These coins are "service tokens", not currency. One service = one coin.

  • Remy


     1 months ago +26

    The value of one coin is 1/2 a soul.
    You need look no further than the name of the concierge at the Continental. His name is Chiron.
    Chiron is the name of the ferryman across the River Styx, the barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead.
    Two gold coins would be placed on the eyes of the dead to pay the ferryman.
    Two coins is worth one soul.

  • Eki the Alchemist

    Eki the Alchemist

     2 months ago +107

    "Assfluence" is now ©opyrighted.

  • Abdulaziz Koleilat

    Abdulaziz Koleilat

     2 months ago +237

    “15 hundred is reasonable per body” what was your previous job before doing YouTube videos friend 🤣🤣🤣

  • EinsamPibroch278


     2 months ago +78

    One Coin, one Service. This is why the coin value fluctuates.

  • astral poops

    astral poops

     2 months ago +92

    talking about cleaning bodies
    “1500 seems like a reasonable amount to pay”

  • Dave Gabriel

    Dave Gabriel

     2 months ago +209

    Dude I clicked this video out of pure curiosity about the gold coins, but holy V neck.. I was not ready for that 😂😂 bro.. put on a shirt over that shirt lol

  • GG gaming and friends

    GG gaming and friends

     1 months ago +21

    “They will pay someone like Kim Kardashian 100k because of her massive assfluence.”

  • Jay Belafonte

    Jay Belafonte

     2 months ago +1976

    If that V Neck gets any deeper , we’re gonna see his belly button

  • battowsai


     2 months ago +57

    So Bronn stayed Master of Coin hum? ^^