How Much is One John Wick GOLD COIN Worth?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • We take a look at the coin from John and try to figure out just how much its worth.

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  • Eddie Stark

    Eddie Stark

     22 hours ago +1

    John wick is such a great story line it’s better then marvel and I like comics but the back story is really amazing.

  • Eddie Stark

    Eddie Stark

     22 hours ago +1

    I wonder how much the hit on the women in the second film would of equaled they said it was something that could not of happened like you couldn’t put a number on her.

  • Eddie Stark

    Eddie Stark

     22 hours ago +1

    It’s whatever someone will pay for it.

  • Eddie Stark

    Eddie Stark

     22 hours ago +1

    It reminds me of the nazi eagle coin it’s really rare and was used just to invest in gold

  • L.A Luna

    L.A Luna


    What about the black coin of the adjudicator? Im kinda curious if that is a currency of the high table.

  • Kal El

    Kal El


    What a bunch of SCUMBAG communists

  • AEon Fluxer

    AEon Fluxer

     2 days ago

    Politicians, powerful elites, wealthy people around the world actually do use gold coins just like in this movie. They all have a gold coin in pocket. Nothing new, old news. This movie just pays homage to the coins.

  • Wreckanize


     3 days ago +1

    0:50 Our money is not backed by gold at all. It's a common misconception that the paper bills we have represents stored gold reserves. This used to be the case prior to the 70's, but it's not the case anymore. US currency is separate from gold reserves now, and is only worth what people believe it to be worth. Makes it so much easier for the federal reserve to manipulate it. It's called "Fiat currency"

  • bandongkevin


     3 days ago

    I was thinking about $10,000 value per gold coin

  • Ken Lu

    Ken Lu

     4 days ago

    Very well said, ... here have a coin



     5 days ago

    It's only worth what a moron is willing to pay for it. John wick is the stupidest movie ever.
    It's a retirement plan for Keanu. Keep him busy. Make money off him. No thought put into it.

  • MK JOE

    MK JOE

     5 days ago

    1500 / 1 oz gold

  • Frank Smith

    Frank Smith

     7 days ago

    In John Wick's world the Bit Coin would be worthless!

  • Wavemaninawe


     7 days ago

    Nevermind the vending machines. I would like to know how they pay parking fare.

  • Donnie Cain

    Donnie Cain

     7 days ago

    Your matter of fact explanation of everything is freaking Hilarious!!!!!

  • Michael Milsom

    Michael Milsom

     7 days ago

    This was a very intelligent analysis and interesting to watch. Thank you for the good work :-)

  • madman Bazemore

    madman Bazemore

     7 days ago

    I lie the John wick movies😁😁

  • LASER 130

    LASER 130

     7 days ago

    Ever notice john wick looks like markiplier

  • PhenoOmaZz


     14 days ago

    Dude that v neck, are you serious :D

  • Antonio Jr. Decatoria

    Antonio Jr. Decatoria

     14 days ago

    I'm sorry dude but you don't talk like that everytime we have barbecue at my house...wth?! next time we have barbecue I expect you to wear round neck shirts