Two Engines, One Car: Insane Home Built Twin Turbo Mazda Blows Our Minds

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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    Never, ever judge a book by its cover... even when that cover is a Mazda MX-3. Not the world's most attractive car by normal standards, but then again - nothing about this car is normal. And we love it. Two separate engines playing in insane harmony to destroy tires in every configuration imaginable.

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  • Antimadeit


     4 months ago +5826

    After you face all the "built not bought" bosses this is the final boss.

  • Dwarfgrinder


     20 hours ago

    Bringing it from Canada! Good shit.




    This is the greatest video on this channel period 🔥

  • YoutubeBlue


     yesterday +1

    he got smoked like a jew 17:45

  • hawkdoes randomstuff

    hawkdoes randomstuff

     2 days ago

    this isn't that insane

  • K S

    K S

     2 days ago

    When you can’t decide between FWD,RWD or AWD just have them all😂

  • Caleb Dorn

    Caleb Dorn

     4 days ago

    Holy fuck that thing is so fucking weird but cool af at the same time 🤯

  • sk8punk318


     7 days ago

    That car is pretty cool i dont know why they kept talking so much shit about it, god damn that AWD burnout was insane lol I’m glad they gave it some respect at the end

  • CRAPO2011


     7 days ago

    This car was way more interesting than the usual ,wavy bondo bodywork 1jz swapped nissan. Fun fact for mx-3 s had the smallest production v6 engine 1.8L ( for the us market at least)

  • Mason_X_VR


     7 days ago

    Desirability is a matter of opinion! I love my 2 mx3's and have followed this build for a while. I take my hat off to him

  • bobbyd


     7 days ago

    kids a one of the kind. Love it

  • Valiten


     7 days ago +1

    Iq 1000000.

  • Cooper Gibbins

    Cooper Gibbins

     7 days ago

    Fuck these guys , trolling on of the coolest most unique builds on the channel. What a trash video sorry bro.

  • Dvdbdvdb


     7 days ago

    20 minute videos are fucking rediculous

  • JKB DK

    JKB DK

     7 days ago

    Fucking awesome car. That guy is a legend, and fuck the crew. Treat your guest with respect.

  • CandyKaneKush Vidz

    CandyKaneKush Vidz

     7 days ago

    Atleast it was him and not them that fucked up the car unlike the other video I saw.

  • swrzesinski


     7 days ago

    WTF, dual turbocharged KL's in mx-3 that's sick!

  • GreedyBoyJ


     7 days ago

    15:36 this nigga got bars

  • Eric Belcher

    Eric Belcher

     7 days ago

    What happens if you put the back in 1st and the front in reverse ?

  • Gravity Kat

    Gravity Kat

     7 days ago

    This should have been a Doughnut media video. Not this trash.