Apple Magic Keyboard (Numeric Keypad): Review

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 15, 2017
  • Brief look at the new Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad available for $129.


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  • Nick Arti

    Nick Arti

     21 days ago +1

  • HiTechKing


     2 months ago

    wish the keyboard was bigger....feels cramped

  • ijono


     3 months ago +2

    im watching a review for a keyboard...and i like it. wtf you're amazing.

  • Simply Joseph

    Simply Joseph

     5 months ago

    it's definitely useul for Pro Tools and Logic Pro X

  • jimjeffreymusic


     5 months ago

    You answered all of my questions. Thanks!!

  • Louis Arias

    Louis Arias

     6 months ago

    I have the one that came with the iMac from back in like 2007. It’s basically the same exact keyboard but it types so nice. I think I like it way better than my mechanical keyboard even!

  • John Donabie

    John Donabie

     8 months ago

    Apple has told me that this Magic Keyboard with numeric keys ONLY works with Sierra on up. In other words 10.12. You can still use the new Magic Mouse without numeric keys with 10.11.

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor Brian

     8 months ago

    is this still good?

  • 早坂亮佑


     10 months ago

  • The Valk

    The Valk

     10 months ago

    Why can’t apple make mechanical keyboards?

  • Cess Outdoors

    Cess Outdoors

     10 months ago

    My keyboard came to the nummers and letters very hard to see should I send back just the keyboard or am I gonna have to return the computer too?

  • Epotheros


     10 months ago

    Did he just say that someone would use one of these keyboards for gaming?

  • yahor yarmak

    yahor yarmak

     a years ago

    0:44 it's bent

  • Crazy Mario

    Crazy Mario

     a years ago

    Can this work with the 2009 iMac

  • Juan Smart

    Juan Smart

     a years ago

    Can i use this magic keyboard other than Apple products? Let’s say to a monitor hook up on a Samsung Dex?

  • Rock Smith

    Rock Smith

     a years ago

    LOL.. Apple in their rip off game. Only stupids will pay such as obscene price on these stupid keyboard. Even their previous generation keyboard cost $50 CAD. I use one of those but there is nothing special about these keyboard. They are as generic as any other keyboard would.

  • jwgmail


     a years ago

    is it absolutely necessary to UNpair this keyboard before pairing it with another laptop? I got this one from work and tried plugging it in and the laptop is not recognizing it. thanks-

  • Digital Insan1ty

    Digital Insan1ty

     a years ago

    If you think this is a nice keyboard you're drinking the apple kool aid

  • jippalippa


     a years ago

    170$ in italy...what the hell?

  • Joshua Coy

    Joshua Coy

     a years ago

    I know a lot of people are mixed on it, but id like to see a new generation magic keyboard based on the new keyboards on the MacBook Pros with the thin travel keys and a built in touch bar to replace the function keys.