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  • Published on:  Friday, December 16, 2016
  • Full HALF HOUR episode available now on Fullscreen! Get a free trial and watch now! http://www.fullscreen.com/celebsreact
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    “Celebs React” is a new half hour TV show made in partnership with Fullscreen that includes video reactions, video games, challenges, and more! In the 8 episode first season there will be over 60 celebs from online, TV, music, movies and more! We could not make a show of this size without platforms like fullscreen, and are so excited to be able to make this for all of you. We appreciate all the support our subscribers show on these larger projects the company continues to make. We couldn’t do it all without you! Thank you!

    FAQ for Celebs React:

    Q) How do I watch the show?
    A) It is on the fullscreen app, which is available globally. The app has other series from YouTube stars, as well as movies and TV shows, similar to Amazon or Netflix. You can get a free trial by signing up through this link http://full.sc/celebsreact and see if you like the show enough to continue subscribing to the app.

    Q) Didn’t you make an episode of Celebs React before and it was free?
    A) We did but it was over 2 years ago, and took almost 6 months to produce just for one episode. We tried and never were able to make it again, but fullscreen approached us to make a much bigger half hour version of the show, and we’re so excited they did, or this wouldn’t even be able to be made.

    Q) You said YouTubers are in the show, is YouTubers React stopping?
    A) Of course not! YouTubers React will still be on the channel, for free, here on YouTube. It was important to us to make sure to have lots of online stars in Celebs React. Many people do not give online stars the respect that they deserve. They are just as much a celeb as anyone in TV or Film, so with this show you just get MORE YouTubers and Online Stars reacting!

    Q) Why are you allowing anything not to be free?
    A) As a company we want to make all kinds of of shows and content. The reality is as popular as our shows are on YouTube, the revenue does not sustain the company to make big production value shows without funding from other companies. All your favorite TV shows have someone else paying the bill, and though we wish we could put everything here for free, it’s just not possible - and to have all these amazing celebs and this bigger show, you need that bigger production value and longer length to make it happen. That said you get segments for free here every week, and it’s totally up to you if you want to get the fullscreen app, all the other content on the YouTube channels that you always get are still here, this is just extra if you’re interested!

    Q) My question wasn’t answered!
    A) Leave questions in the comments we’ll do our best to reply over time if we end up seeing it!

    Created by Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE)
    Produced by FBE and Fullscreen

    Keegan Allen
    King Bach
    Madilyn Bailey
    Jiff Pom
    Hannibal Buress
    Chad Johnson
    Mary Lambert
    Ross Matthews
    Jillian Rose Reed
    Jay Sean
    Amanda Steele
    Tegan and Sara

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