The Decline of RadioShack...What Happened?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 2, 2017
  • RadioShack has been on a tremendous decline over many years. It's been much longer and more severe than I realized. But what exactly happened? What happened that turned the successful company RadioShack into what it is today?


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  • Adam Hell

    Adam Hell

     11 hours ago

    I can remember buying a remote/radio control car there with a 7.2 battery before internet, only place that had them

  • crazyhorse


     18 hours ago

    You don't want a Tandy 1000 or 2000 cause you have an IBM PC, well the hell with you !!!!

  • crazyhorse


     18 hours ago

    When they locked up Theodore J. Kaczynski their stocks fell drastically !!!!

  • wetamup2009


     2 days ago

    My first car, a 1988 Plymouth Voyager (Dodge Caravan platform-mate), given to me once my parents bought a new car in 2001, had its factory radio replaced by an Optimus CD head unit from Radio Shack in 1996. Me and my pops installed it together, I was 13 and it was the first of many car radio installations I’ve done over the years. The CD skipped over every bump we hit in that old thing, but the radio worked well until my father gave the car to my aunt in 2005 and she junked it in 2007. That’s the only memorable experience I have with radio shack in my life.

  • xworkerbee


     2 days ago

    Radio Shack even back in the day was kinda annoying to shop at because not matter what you bought, they wanted to get your name and telephone number when you paid for it. I don't recall any other retailer doing that and for me it was enough to avoid going to Radio Shack if I could get what I wanted somewhere else.

  • Dustbowl Hammer

    Dustbowl Hammer

     3 days ago

    Last time I went in a RS, they didn't have anything I was looking for, even though they used to, I remember back in 95, Realistic, was a good brand. They had all kinds of things for radio enthusiasts, intercom systems, even antennas ranging from cb to vhf (Marine radio) and police scanners, You could buy books, that showed you how to get a ham license, or learn how to work on fm repeater systems. At least that stuff was interesting to some of us, but now they have nothing, be lucky to find a battery tester.

  • 420 gamer

    420 gamer

     3 days ago

    When i was 5 i remember going to radio shack to get a remote control car. They had 2 available but both were over 100, 5x my grandmother's budget. The sales guy was so despite he begged us not to leave, trying to sell us some batteries and random wires. Ended up going to kb toys at the mall where i got a remote control car and one for my sister for $20

  • 420 gamer

    420 gamer

     3 days ago

    Another shop going down is game stop

  • Ed Fulginiti

    Ed Fulginiti

     3 days ago

    Used to love R.S. Then they hired kids who were clueless, inventory was sketchy all the time, and they featured phones and stuff I never needed. I went there for electronics...they lost their nitch.

  • Daniel lafferety

    Daniel lafferety

     4 days ago +1

    It lacked cheep new technology. So if your were no longer into C.B. radioes. The store had to much junk. Not enough I pades. Excessive Wrong over stock. Equals debt.

  • VolDep45


     7 days ago

    Radio Shack used to be the place to see RC vehicles that were overpriced. But nobody else had thee options they had.

  • Jason


     7 days ago

    they are the same as sears and kmart. they died a very slow and painful death.

  • Julia Houston

    Julia Houston

     7 days ago

    The thing that made RS great back when it was great is that the service personnel were a bunch of smart people who worked for a lower salary than they doubtlessly could have gotten elsewhere. Why? Because they were all electronics hobbyists. When you went into an RS you talked to someone who really knew what they were doing. They might have put that kit together before. They certainly knew why the coaxial cable you were using wasn't getting the job done, and they had tried pretty much all the equipment in the store themselves. Remember, this is long before the Geek Squad or any of that. You needed someone who could tell you about your TV without charging you what a TV repair person would? You wet to RS. I remember talking to a guy behind the counter when TV disk antennae were becoming the new thing. He was great. He had a setup at home and talked about how he integrated it with his broadcast TV. It was a mini Ted talk. Last time I went into an RS (and yes, it was for batteries, and no, I refused to give them my phone number), I noticed a remote-control toy car and asked some basic question about it. The person just kind of looked at me and then read something off the side of the box. Wow.

  • Cory Summers

    Cory Summers

     7 days ago

    Radio shack had cell phones before anyone! They should have got into the network side of cell phones, if they would have it would be radio shack instead of Cingular!

  • LoveIsLovely


     7 days ago

    It's a Mr. Robot episode

  • giorgiomx


     7 days ago

    Well there's still one in my City here in the North of Mexico, of all the times I've went there they didn't have what I was looking for.

  • sylvain mercier

    sylvain mercier

     14 days ago +1

    Radioshack is still alive in Canada but as change name for the source. They also have transitioned to a more modern electronic inventory like computer and tv, tablette even games for console and they still have phone.

  • Sleepy Town

    Sleepy Town

     14 days ago

    Great Clips vs Sports Clips

  • Chris Pielacha

    Chris Pielacha

     14 days ago

    Radio shack with they're Nokia's for one cent lol good times

  • Octavio Morales Guerrero

    Octavio Morales Guerrero

     14 days ago

    Their sales were just marked up and sold above normal price