This Dog Dropped Dead Hours After Playing Fetch, And Now His Owner Has A Stark Warning For Others

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 6, 2018
  • Jen Walsh was enjoying a perfect day out with her family. She looked on in joy as her little girl played fetch with their beloved pet Hanz, but hours later the dog was dead. As a result, his owner took to social media with a stark warning for others.

    Walsh lives in Northern California with her husband and their children. However, in the summer of 2017, their family expanded by one when they adopted a two-year-old schnauzer named Hanz. The dog had originally belonged to Walsh’s neighbor, but Walsh agreed to take him on after the neighbor could no longer look after him.

    It didn’t take long for Hanz to settle into his new pack, and a few short months later, the Walsh family treated their recently acquired pet to a day out. The occasion was in aid of Walsh’s nephew’s birthday, but that didn’t mean that Hanz couldn’t join in the fun.

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  • Beth Valentine

    Beth Valentine

     10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing I have a dog who loves the water I'll be sure to limit time in the water after hearing this I'm so sorry this happened so shocking & sad to hear 😞

  • Rena Smith

    Rena Smith

     10 months ago

    That water looks very toxic. So so sorry for your loss. Please hold memories close to your heart.

  • Janet Cochran

    Janet Cochran

     10 months ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Rest In Peace Hanz.

  • Megs 1989

    Megs 1989

     10 months ago

    Nooo this is soo sad! I’m soo sorry. Poor puppy.

  • Dionne Jenkins

    Dionne Jenkins

     10 months ago

    Thanks for the video. Prayers sent

  • Creeper


     10 months ago

    I’m very sorry for your lost..

  • Tosca Tattertail

    Tosca Tattertail

     10 months ago

    this is sad hopefully others will see this and not make the same mistake

  • Eula Winfrey

    Eula Winfrey

     10 months ago +1

    I had no idea.....

  • Lora Lefebvre

    Lora Lefebvre

     10 months ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss. He was such a beautiful looking dog. Thank you for sharing. I have two small dogs of my own and would be devastated if this happened.

  • TSM Miggy

    TSM Miggy

     10 months ago +1

    I want a dog so bad but when he passes away I’m going to be sos sad😩😢 I don’t know what to do

  • Gat Mack

    Gat Mack

     10 months ago

    My dog did that too for a while at one point

  • cloud _

    cloud _

     10 months ago +1

    What a cute dog. But I don’t understand how those owners didn’t know the water looked yellow. Literally that’s dirty water. Poor doggy..

  • WoLfZ Senses

    WoLfZ Senses

     10 months ago


  • Phyllis Chaussee

    Phyllis Chaussee

     10 months ago

    How sad, I don't think I've ever heard of water intoxication before now. But you know I will look for in the future! Thank you so much for sharing your story and God bless you and your family!

  • Ark of Hawaii

    Ark of Hawaii

     10 months ago +1

    Dead Dog.


  • Simply. Tay

    Simply. Tay

     10 months ago

    Poor baby😭❤️

  • dylan1234953


     10 months ago

    Man oh man they know how to say the same thing over and over in different ways to stretch a 2 minute story into 6...

  • Koshi


     10 months ago

    3:09 for what happened with the dog

  • brian b

    brian b

     10 months ago

    My neighbor's dog died from this same thing. I've raised dogs all my life and have never heard of it. Hers was a tiny dog too though so I'm guessing they are more prone to More water ingestion than a big dog

  • hazmat 2

    hazmat 2

     10 months ago

    Mr stark i dont feel so good