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  • Published on:  Monday, August 19, 2019
  • 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bennet takes questions from the audience on how he'd improve education and address gentrification.

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  • Ken Lee

    Ken Lee

     21 days ago

    Educating our kids and started taking ab pay?? No direct answer or concrete plan. Listen to andrew yang who has more solid answers.

  • Tasha Wheaton

    Tasha Wheaton

     21 days ago +1

    Trevor face says... Hmmm this guy is boring makes zero sense and there is no way he can’t beat Trump.... Please don’t vote for him!

  • Christina Jackson

    Christina Jackson

     28 days ago

    Trevor eyes all darting around at 3:29😂😂 the other disagrees with him or does not want to be there

  • Brandon Bonett

    Brandon Bonett

     28 days ago +1

    He's to the bone with Education... And I love it!
    Bennett may not be ready to be President, but He would make a Hell of a good Secretary of Education.

  • jmisc


     28 days ago

    I really like this guy. Blasio can just go home.

  • Alex Drew

    Alex Drew

     28 days ago

    This guy is running for president?

  • Bender The Fourth

    Bender The Fourth

     28 days ago

    So how much do you pay me to go there and pretend I just came out with that question?

  • Johan Stander

    Johan Stander

     28 days ago

    Someone just plz punch this trevor gay guy in his snout

  • divinekiwi2012


     1 months ago

    wow, someone that has been where the rubber meets the road,

  • Jace Cavacini

    Jace Cavacini

     1 months ago

    We have to suck it up and have more density?? NO!! That’s part of the problem with our city culture! Cramming people into dense environments is NOT healthy for long term development. This sounds more like a promise to builders to give them contracts to build shitty, cramped, close-quarters, and CHEAP housing. HAVING a home is important, but you’re not serving long term health of people by cramming them into densely populated spaces. Humans need the sense of agency that comes from feeling they have privacy and space to retreat to when they’re tired, worn out emotionally, or feeling vulnerable after a shitty day at work, or just plain want peace and quiet!

  • B Diddy

    B Diddy

     1 months ago

    The Black Daily Show! Good for you Trevor!!! Do you hate your white side? I hope you dont! Because you are a privileged 1/2 black/white dude. So. Can you talk about hate and that it is bad? Oh right. It is only hate if you are white. Thanks!

  • LordsMobile gang bang

    LordsMobile gang bang

     1 months ago +1

    I like him

  • Rohan Tapiyawala

    Rohan Tapiyawala

     1 months ago

    Its ironical but true, when late night show ask the correct questions, provide better platform for the candidates contesting the highest office in the land and we get to hear their views, whereas on any news channel, all you see is people looking for gossip and throwing shade on others or bickering about useless comments

  • ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ


     1 months ago

    Which Tim Ryan is Michael Bennet again? Is he Tim Ryan #6 or Tim Ryan #7? I can never remember.

  • LyricV


     1 months ago

    people make fun of these guys and gals for not being the chosen ones, but when you actually listen to them and think for yourself they make good points

  • KPOP Stan Forever

    KPOP Stan Forever

     1 months ago

    he doesn’t really strike me as Presidential, but then again Donald Trump has been President for almost 4 years and that’s become to norm so...

  • Elle Clayton

    Elle Clayton

     1 months ago

    Not to mention, how are we ever going to get and retain high quality STEM teachers when the salaries don't come anywhere close to what those people could make working in places like Silicon Valley, LA, or NY. Teach math and have a max salary of $100k halfway through your career, and that's if you have a PhD, or go work in tech and have that be your starting salary and unlimited potential to make more? And which do you think students who are the first and only people in their families to have a shot at breaking out of poverty would choose? Those are the people we need in classrooms because they are usually better equipped to empathize with some of the most difficult struggles kids can experience. And that's one of the reasons most teachers are straight white women. There are a lot more of them who have socio-economic backgrounds (family, a partner who has a well paying job...) that allow them choose a profession as thankless as teaching than anyone else.

  • Lionel Jason

    Lionel Jason

     1 months ago

    You gotta salute than man cause he understands the trouble that the common people, you and I face, even though I'm not American and don't relate to the most issues they face but I think every country especially developing countries could really benefit from someone like him

  • jimjd1969


     1 months ago

    When a politician says" we gotta figure out... ...... .", He's totally full of shit and doesn't have a clue on what to do. I like the guy who says " This is what were going to do" -

  • Abraham Horowitz

    Abraham Horowitz

     1 months ago +3

    Holly cow, he sounds like Garfield the cat. Lol. I love what he's saying in regards to education, though