Which Car Jump Starter Is Best? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
  • Jump start a car using the best portable car battery jump starter. Compared 8 jump starters, including new supercapacitor car battery jump starter made by Autowit, lithium ion jump starters, Harbor Freight Viking, Noco Boost GB 40, Sanrock, Topvision, DB Power, Audew, and a sealed lead acid jump starter made by Duracell.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JN8A2nIMUWA


  • Classic Salsa

    Classic Salsa

     2 hours ago

    I am not sure as per right now but for years Dewalt was making the drill bits for Milwaukee including the ones for there chipping hammers....

  • Uil1980


     3 hours ago

    Audew sold out thanks to Project Farm!!!

  • PureGoProAction


     3 hours ago

    Good test Steve Jobs, now how about upgrading the Iphone battery?

  • rosthi


     4 hours ago

    Damn good job. Takes the guess work out of which unit to buy.

  • RLT Gamer

    RLT Gamer

     4 hours ago

    Project Farm - The best review and testing of products. Everyone should subscribe. These videos help to save everyone time and money on getting the best products.

  • BillyG


     5 hours ago

    I'm glad I didn't buy the Noco! I almost did

  • Zach Moritz

    Zach Moritz

     6 hours ago

    I have the NOCO GB150 and love it, ive started from 2.2l diesels to 15 liter diesels with it, my only complaint is as it gets older the battery doesnt seem to last as long and it is starting to struggle with the bigger engines.

  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith

     8 hours ago

    Yep pretty sure that engine he's trying to start is the old sea fome truck I love it. That truck will be in a museum one day

  • moreno3662


     8 hours ago

    You forgot the halo

  • Richard Gingras

    Richard Gingras

     13 hours ago

    need to get me one of these!

  • daddy 63

    daddy 63

     15 hours ago

    No Co Should of been called NOGo... What a waste of money.. thanks for letting us know... Great video 👍 I know which to get now...

  • Bob Philips

    Bob Philips

     22 hours ago

    Where did you find an Audew for $70.99?

  • KS G

    KS G

     23 hours ago +2

    Well tested. Thank you.

  • Wing Zheng

    Wing Zheng


    Hello, is there any one wants to buy jump starter? Our product can be sent FOC for testing.

  • John Lupo

    John Lupo


    Pronounce: hundred

  • Dave C

    Dave C


    I'm confused about the peak amps. They state numbers like 2000 or 1500 peak amps but the tests show all of them maxing out between 200 and 300 amps. Are the peak numbers false claims or do they mean something else?

  • Janice Smyth

    Janice Smyth


    oh my god I love your videos! My grand daughter watched this and says she got more useful knowledge than 4 years of university. Could you take apart a car and make it better? I'm sure some car maker out there is dying to know why they suck!

  • Tarek Abouzied

    Tarek Abouzied


    Hi, I Enjoy Every Single Video Of Yours, Can You Test Cataclean Product ?????

  • John Dean

    John Dean

     yesterday +1

    Sad to see how poorly the Noco performs. I have one of the large capacity genius boost jumpers and it works well. Seems like their products are over-hyped and over priced.

  • kens97sto171


     2 days ago

    Your results with the harbor Freight one are exactly what I had experienced.
    I used mine a few times to crank over a motorcycle and it worked okay for that.
    Any time did you use it it seems to drain down very quickly and often you have to plug it back into the charger to get the thing to reset.
    I definitely appreciate the testing you did the Audew model seems great.
    I know you did not like the supercapacitor but one advantage to that is that you don't have to worry about the battery is discharging in your trunk when you're not using it.
    It also should have almost an indefinite lifespan.
    whereas the Lithium polymer batteries in a lot of these jump starters have questionable lifespans especially being made in China you don't know the quality of those battery packs.
    And of course they will inevitably fail when you need them.
    whereas that capacitor pack while certainly less practical and convenient to use is probably more reliable in the actual emergency.
    although it only cranks for a very short time so it would only be useful at a situation where you left your lights on and the battery is low but there's nothing actually wrong with the vehicle itself.