6’8 LaMelo Ball FULL-25 Point Drew League DEBUT! Better Than Lonzo!?!?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • Melo was shinning in his Drew League debut dropping 25 points in front of his pops and two bros! 6'8 Melo looking like he's going to be a problem!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/JPO5X0hDez0


  • She want me

    She want me

     3 months ago

    He is not 6'8

  • fyz atzey

    fyz atzey

     4 months ago

    He's 6'8?

  • dspsaab


     4 months ago

    Kings should trade for lonzo.. his defensive and all around play would be good fit..

  • Juan Mercado

    Juan Mercado

     4 months ago

    When u the least talented. You should be the one working more. Gelo lazy af

  • Nick Wayne

    Nick Wayne

     4 months ago

    These highlights TRASH with a clickbait ass title

  • Jeremy Heath

    Jeremy Heath

     4 months ago

    Melos elite tbh 🤮



     4 months ago +1

    How does Lamelo go from 5 foot 1 to 6 foot 8 in 1 year without having extremely tall parents

  • Fred Garvin

    Fred Garvin

     4 months ago

    Over 100 people attended to watch these scrubs?

  • the king 0ne

    the king 0ne

     4 months ago +1

    This dude is going to be pretty much like his brother, a mediocre player who can't stay healthy, I remember people telling me how good his brother was gonna be in the NBA, well I'm still waiting to see it, I've always said that Zion Williamson was better than all three of the Ball brothers, and I was saying that three years ago.

  • derious warren

    derious warren

     4 months ago +3

    def not 6'8,, he balling tho

  • Fred Garvin

    Fred Garvin

     4 months ago

    Poor kid has NO future in American basketball.
    I feel bad for him.

  • Clifford Moselina

    Clifford Moselina

     4 months ago


  • SBG YT

    SBG YT

     4 months ago +11

    LaMelo can 100% make it to the league if he performs good overseas. Personally, a RJ Hampton & LaMelo Ball Back Court would be nice to see in New Zealand.

  • SenpaiFojo


     4 months ago +4

    Melo needs to play defense.

  • keto t

    keto t

     4 months ago +6

    get you Melo but he still need to get that hunger, last name only gonna carry him so far..

  • Ricard Urroz

    Ricard Urroz

     4 months ago +4

    Imagine melo putting efford on D.... will be an amazing player and could prove some respect in the league.

  • Hussein Krisht

    Hussein Krisht

     4 months ago +1

    Tbh he's looking like a similar player to lonzo except lonzo is a much better defender and a better athlete. Melo MAY be a better shooter/finisher, but jurys still out on that, he shoots poor percentages in alot of games even if casual fan boys say he can shoot. Lonzo was shooting better percentages in highschool and college and still turned out to have a broken shot with a janky form. Melo has a janky form( maybe a bit less than lonzo) as well and it's not like hes efficient. Both are good playmakers, though Lonzo gets the edge as a passer until melo proves otherwise. Lonzo is in the elite percentile of passers in the league according to advanced metrics. Melo might have better handles, but jurys still out on that as well.

    Overall looking like Lonzos the better player especially for nba ball, and by a margin. Melos still 17 tho so you never know. But it'll be tough to be the prospect his brother is tbh. Lonzo is a great defender, rebounder and playmaker for a guard and a good athlete. Only thing Melo is good at is playmaking, and Lonzo is arguably better at that. Again Melo hasn't proved to be a scorer despite what these videos lead casual basketball fans to believe. Lonzo was doing similar shit with better efficiency in highschool and college and he can hardly score in the nba.

  • entry


     4 months ago +4

    how he keep on growin DAMN.💯

  • Dan holland

    Dan holland

     4 months ago +2

    6’8 and a rim grazer package

  • Charles


     4 months ago +1

    Where's gelo