Gabriel Iglesias Talks About Weight Loss

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 21, 2015
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  • GamingMadness


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  • tom conner

    tom conner

     14 days ago

    Cholesterol isn’t a consequence of dietary intake, it does (diet) have an impact to a degree, unhealthy cholesterol levels are less likely to elevate in low carb diets, as well, the main objective that I noticed when I need to lose 72 pounds in two weeks, is when you eat what you eat. My carbs and sugars late at night or evening after dinner make a dinner meal like your lunch medium and your breakfast gigantic not a breakfast with carbs fats proteins sugars doesn’t matter lunch protein and fat balance carbs and sugars to fit your lifestyle, At night protein shakes protein or you can have more protein with your protein if you wake up at two in the morning and wanna snack eat protein! Muscle burns fat fat is used by protein to build muscle, Vegetables give you your vitamins and your slower carbs for sustain energy and make you feel that hungry if you’re not up in the morning, if you want hour heart healthy, consume raw crushed fresh garlic cloves three times a dayWasher down with an 8 ounce glass of warm or I’m sorry room temperature water and a shot of lemon juice what a drop or two of honey to keep the garlic burn minimized, the garlic lemon juice room temp water 30 minutes before meals cigarettes brushing teeth, drink first you have to have an empty stomach , stay Healthy Fluffy!!

  • Aimee H

    Aimee H

     14 days ago

    Keto and that’s it .

  • Hannah Patwell

    Hannah Patwell

     14 days ago

    Anybody know what special this is?

  • zedravenfeather


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    This one made me sad but I still chuckled

  • scorpion0190


     14 days ago

    What special was this



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    I thought this was a ted talk😂😭

  • DarkSans


     21 days ago

    Big brain plays IRL.

  • Yowane Haku

    Yowane Haku

     a months ago +21

    "Are you eating that, or you eating that?"

  • Eric Rodden

    Eric Rodden

     a months ago +1

    Are you eating that or are you EATING??? That..... Lol killed me

  • Liz Manley

    Liz Manley

     a months ago +1

    Very funny make me laugh and I usually don't do to depression so thank you 😊😘

  • Joshua Parra

    Joshua Parra

     a months ago

    Fluffy is funny mad funny, where can i watch the full episodes....... Laughter is good for the soul

  • Aloha Alisabelle

    Aloha Alisabelle

     a months ago

    God bless you fluffy May Jesus be with you through this :3

  • MrAutospec


     a months ago

    Go Keto, Fluff!

  • Silenttuber PJ24

    Silenttuber PJ24

     a months ago

    It is sad and funny at the same time. Long live Fuffy.

  • J.G. Anderson

    J.G. Anderson

     a months ago +1

    Oh Dam.a new type of. A
    Mud Bank !!!!
    I make sounds when cleaning...housework act.....seriously no joke.😌.
    .. like...Fluffy Eating THAT!Hamburger...🍔🍔🍔🍔😚!!!
    NOT like he is
    ..ahhh just eating.
    . that...boring...ENJOY PEOPLE..FLUFFY RIGHT LiFE IS SO SHORT ...
    ...OLDER BABIES!!!!
    But you can try to relax on bad eating habits..take less.....if you like life then stay away from the. Heartattaack.Grill!!!
    He Awesome and humble and True.....tohis soul.....-!!!!
    Who else Appreciate tha?!?!
    😉☺😊❤💚💜💙💛😉☺😍i l

  • Sonam Drema

    Sonam Drema

     a months ago +1

    Really love ur comedy, fluffy stay healthy 😊

  • Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher

     a months ago

    bread, pasta are basically carbs that i avoid n im diabetic also, if u wanna eat wat u want then walk alot or do alot of activities so u get a fast metabolism, i sweat in winter n freeze in summer which is weird, maybe im dying or not!!

  • Tom Adams

    Tom Adams

     a months ago

    Are you eating that or are youuuuu eating that.
    Classic G I.

  • Violet Love

    Violet Love

     a months ago

    He is funny. I gotta say that the voice imitations are hilarious.